New York Medical College

School of Health Sciences and Practice

Degree General Requirements


Master of Public Health

Candidates for the MPH degree must complete a minimum of 46 credits and maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better within a period of no more than five calendar years subsequent to the first term of study. A culminating experience is required.

Doctor of Public Health

Total post-master’s degree credits for the DrPH degree range from 45 to 54 depending upon the program. A dissertation and a two-year minimum residency are required.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Candidates for the DPT degree in Physical Therapy complete 120 credits in a three-year program of full-time study, and must complete a doctoral project and pass a comprehensive examination.

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Candidates for the MS degree in Speech-Language Pathology complete 75 credits in a two-year program of full-time study, and must pass a comprehensive examination.

Please consult the appropriate departmental section of this website for information regarding core and concentration requirements, as well as requirements for graduate certificates, where applicable.

All students pursuing an MPH degree must complete a practicum. This is to ensure that students have an opportunity to apply, in a public health setting, the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom. Students who can demonstrate an exceptional practice experience prior to beginning their MPH may apply for a waiver in writing eighteen months prior to graduation.

The opportunity to pursue advanced work through self-study tutorials or directed research may be permitted at the discretion of the department chair/advisor.