New York Medical College

School of Health Sciences and Practice

Advanced Certificate In Public Health Curriculum

Advanced Certificate in Public Health – 18 credits

Required Courses: 12 credits
Introduction to Biostatistics **
Introduction to Epidemiology **

Select one (1) of the following (3 credits):
Behavioral and Social Factors in Public Health **
Environmental Influences on Human Health **
Healthcare in the US **

Select one (1) of the following (3 credits):
Advanced Epidemiology I **
Research Methods in Population Science **
Health Program Planning & Evaluation **
Health Economics **

Electives Courses (2 of the following) 6 credits:
Intermediate Biostatistics I **
Intermediate Biostatistics II **
Information Systems for Healthcare Management **
Principles & Techniques of Behavior Change **
Ethics in Health Care **
Introduction to Clinical Study Design **
Environmental Health Policy: Environmental Governance, Management and Policy **
Principles of Food **

**On-campus only
**On-line only
**On-line or on-campus


Page updated: November 14, 2014