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Touro College and University System


Purpose: To encourage development of new, innovative research programs in the biomedical and health sciences within the Touro College and University System with an anticipated high probability of future extramural funding. Funding will be targeted to proposals that foster collaboration and/or interdisciplinary research between/among investigators from two or more schools in the Touro System. This program is not intended for bridge support of existing, active research programs.


  1. Only full-time faculty at Touro College and Touro University and full-time faculty with an unmodified rank at New York Medical College are eligible for funding through this program. (Examples of modified ranks are: Research Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine)

  2. Applications must have at least two principal investigators (PIs) from different schools/Colleges in the Touro family. (For example, one PI might be from the Lander College for Women and another PI from TouroCOM on 125th Street in Manhattan; or one PI might be from the pharmacy school in California and another PI might be from NYMC.) This program does not define "collaboration" as involving two PIs from two different departments within the same School or College. However, collaboration among different schools at NYMC or within a single Touro campus could qualify, although it is not the primary goal of the program. The participation of multiple PIs must be fully justified by the project aims and goals. The application must clearly and convincingly demonstrate that the proposed project represents a new research direction. The proposal must not overlap with any existing sponsored projects within the System.

Submission and Review Process

  1. Applications will be considered annually, on December 1st.

  2. In any funding cycle, specific target research areas may be specified through solicitation announcements, and if so, will be given priority in the review process.

  3. A PI may only participate in only one proposal per application cycle.

  4. Proposals that have already been submitted to an extramural funding source will not be reviewed.

  5. Applications should address the extramural funding sources that will be targeted.

  6. Applications will be reviewed by an internal review panel comprised of investigators who have active research programs and grant review experience at the national level (e.g., NIH or AHA review panels). Composition of the review panel may vary for each submission deadline so as to insure appropriate content expertise.

  7. All proposals will be scored according to NIH criteria and a short written review will be provided to applicants.


  • It is expected that one (1) award of up to $100,000 and two (2) awards of up to $25,000 will be made per year.

  • Proposals that are not funded at the first submission can be revised and re-submitted at a subsequent deadline, consistent with the solicitation announcement.

  • Funds are intended primarily to support laboratory personnel, supplies and service costs.  In unique situations, and with strong justification, equipment and/or travel costs may be requested.  Salary support for PIs may be included in the project budget (for the $100K award only), but must be carefully justified. Such salary support will be limited to 10% of the NIH cap. PI salaries and fringe benefits must not exceed 30% of the total project budget.


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Touro Contact

Lea Emmett, RN, MS
Associate Director
Office of Research Administration
New York Medical College
Administration Bldg. - 2nd Floor
Valhalla, NY 10595
(914) 594-4480
E-mail: Lea_Emmett@nymc.edu

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