New York Medical College

Student Services

Our students are among the best of their generation—intelligent, caring, energetic and driven to improve conditions in the world you will inherit from us.

As a health sciences university we pride ourselves on our dedication to preserving and protecting the health of all people, with a special responsibility to the underserved, and with a deep awareness of the sacredness of all human life. Throughout our history, we have always committed our energy, intelligence and skill to educating gifted, compassionate healers. Our dedicated faculty will help you acquire the knowledge and proficiency you will need to achieve your goals. Our diverse network of affiliated hospitals will offer you a variety and depth of clinical experiences that is unrivaled, and is most often cited by our graduates as proof of our exceptional quality as a medical school.

While the focus of your time here is primarily academic, we encourage you to participate fully in campus life, to devote yourself to service to the community and to invest some of your time and energy in building the relationships that will enrich you for a lifetime.


Zipcar @ NYMC

Zipcar Reservations - In January 2015, Zipcars came to campus for all NYMC students, faculty and staff, age 18 and over. Zipcar is car-sharing, an alternative to bringing a car to school, that gives members 24/7 access to vehicles parked right on campus. Low hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day. Members can reserve cars online or with a smart phone up to four days in advance. Find out more about how it works at or sign up now