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Student Mental Health & Wellness Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)






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Are services confidential?
Services are confidential. No report is given to any member of the faculty or administration.

• What kind of therapy is provided?
Therapy is based upon student need (e.g., crisis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychopharmacological).


• What if additional sessions are needed/requested?
Services will be provided, if necessary, beyond the five given sessions.

• When is therapy available?
Therapy is available by appointment.

• How do I know if I need help?
We are available to assist with any and all challenges. If you are considering whether you need help, you are encouraged to call: 914-594-2542 or 914-594-2543.

• I was seeing a therapist before I enrolled at New York Medical College. How do I locate one in the Westchester County area?
Students will be handled on an individualized basis. Students can be referred to a Clinician in the community who can follow them.

• What if I need medication management?
There is a Psychiatrist on Staff who can assist with medication management.

• What do I do in an emergency?
After hours crises calls are directed to the Crisis Center: 914-493-7076


Page updated: February 11, 2014