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Official Transcript Request for Current and Former Students


A transcript of the New York Medical College record of a student, former student or graduate will be released at the individual’s request. Transcript requests must be made in writing and must include your signature. An official transcript issued directly to a student or alumnus/a is marked “Issued to Student” and is released in a sealed envelope. Any document transmitted electronically is not official, since it cannot carry the raised university seal, official watermark nor institutional colors. Such documents will be stamped “Unofficial”. An unofficial hard copy transcript may be issued only to current students and will be stamped “Unofficial”.

To make your request, you may stop by our office or send it through the mail. Please print and fill out the Transcript Request Form, or be sure to include the following information in a written request:

  1. your name, and any other name you used at New York Medical College;
  2. your dates of attendance or date of graduation and which school you attended;
  3. your social security number or college identification number;
  4. the number of transcripts needed;
  5. the address(es) to which you wish the transcript(s) sent;
  6. your return address and daytime phone number;
  7. your signature;
  8. payment;
  9. any applicable deadline (depending on the academic calendar, we may not be able to accommodate last minute requests).


If you are a currently enrolled student there is no fee for a transcript. For all former students, the fee is $5.00 per transcript. Checks should be made payable to New York Medical College. If you come in person, you may pay cash. We do not accept credit cards. Please call the office or stop by if you have any questions.

Please send your transcript requests to:

New York Medical College
Office of the University Registrar
Sunshine Cottage, Room 127
Valhalla, NY 10595

Official Transcript Key

Page Updated: July 3, 2012