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Climbing Club

Our goal is to introduce NYMC students to rock climbing, create an environment where students can exercise together, motivate each other, find climbing partners, and foster a supportive community of people with shared interests. Club activities center largely on weekly small group climbing trips at The Cliffs in Valhalla climbing gym. There are planned Climb and Pizza nights to reunite club membership for large group climbing sessions. The first climbing day will be open to people who have not yet bought gym membership and will be invited on availability of limited personal guest passes and funding for equipment rentals. Other events include Reel Rock Tour Film festival which is an event that brings together the climbing community in the metropolitan area and educates members on climbing and like experiences. We also intend to have a guided outdoor climbing trip at Alpine Endeavors in the Adirondacks, and smaller outdoor trips to the Shawangunk Ridge, NY.

Cycling Club

Leave the books behind and join us for a ride. Some short and slow, some long and fast. For those interested, we can train for tris, races, and centuries like the Sept. Golden Apple Ride.

Flag Football

The NYMC Flag Football league is truly the pinnacle of competitive sports at NYMC. We have had up to 150 students participate and are always eager to expand the league to more students at NYMC, including PT and graduate students. Rules have traditionally been 7 on 7, with a minimum of 2 members of each gender on the field at all times. The league has also hosted a Powderpuff game between the first and second year girls, with the first and second year boys cheering their classmates on and putting on a halftime routine. The game is followed by a BBQ and Halloween party. The season concludes with a playoff and a Super Bowl game. There are separate committees which oversee the powderpuff game, but the league itself is run by a Commissioner, usually a 2nd year, and a Deputy Commissioner, usually a 1st year. The goal of the club is to foster class unity and teamwork skills early in the year to help people meet and have a good time.

Intramural Basketball League

The Intramural Basketball league is one of the most spirited sports at NYMC. We usually have had up to 10 teams consisting of 810 students, which include medical students, PT students and graduate students. Most rules are similar to the college basketball game, with minor changes. Games usually are played at House of Sports in Ardsley.. The outdoor court is also a possibility if the weather allows it. The season concludes with a playoff and an all-star game. The league itself is run by a Commissioner, usually a 2nd year, and a Treasurer, usually a 1st year. The goal of the club is to have fun, especially after Intramural Football is over in November, since the Basketball league usually runs from November to March. What else is there to do during those months?! Let the NYMC Madness begin!

NYMC Dance Club

The goal of the NYMC Dance Club is to provide diverse dance classes for all students of the school, free of cost, and taught by peers. We hope to foster cultural awareness through dance, encourage creativity, and promote healthy living through movement and exercise.

NYMC Running Club

Welcome NYMC Runners! We've got an exciting series of runs ahead of us in 2009/10, including a half marathon in our own back yard! Each year, the Westchester Medical Center sponsors this half on Oct. 11th in White Plains. A PGy-2 Pediatrics resident at WMC is organizing a group of runners from NYMC, and we’ll be hosting group runs on campus beginning in mid-August (probably in the morning or evening to beat the heat!). Tanzid, the Pgy2, has an injury-safe training program planned, so don´t be afraid to try your first half! Also, on Oct. 3rd is NY´s first Runamuck run, but early registration ends this Friday. This is a “challenging 5K run with hills, tire obstacles, beach crossings, water, walls, ropes, and MUD” and would be a great alternative to those who feel they’d prefer to run a short but intense race instead of a half. We will sign up for other NY Road Runners races through out the year—they occur almost every week, so if one of them grabs your attention, we can certainly train for it together!

Soccer Club

The NYMC Soccer Club is a great way to get outside and unwind after long days of class and studying. It is a very casual group, with pickup games scheduled as conveniently as possible for everyone involved. We play about once a week (weather permitting) on the fields outside the administration building and in the oval. In recent years, we have also been organizing a team for indoor competition throughout the winter (with a small cost to cover outside league fees). Finally, it's an easy way to get to know people outside of your own class, which is relatively rare. Men and women of all skill levels participate and everyone has a great time. We hope to see you out on the field!

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The mission of the NYMC Ultimate Frisbee Club is to promote and spread interest of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee within the NYMC community. To achieve this goal, we plan games and events that anyone who has interest is welcome to attend. Despite grueling curricula, we meet and play as often as possible because we find Ultimate Frisbee to be an invigorating diversion from our work.

Volleyball Club

The volleyball club welcomes all to meet weekly at Court Sports for 2 hours of indoor volleyball just 3 minutes from campus! Depending on how many people show up, we play 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, or do a round robin. All skill levels welcome! $5 per person per week (unless you can negotiate a better rate!) free for Court Sports members.


For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities please contact the Dean of Student Activites at (914) 594-4491.

Page updated: May 12, 2015