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Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA)

CMDA is an organization that provides resources, networking opportunities and support to Christian healthcare professionals and students. Since 1931, CMDA has worked to provide an environment that enables individuals in healthcare to express and enjoy their faith and promote a balance of religion and career. At NYMC, students are encouraged to come to CMDA to have an avenue to express themselves as Christians and to have support and encouragement for the harsh realities of life as a medical student. One of our main objectives is building friendships where people are comfortable around each other. We welcome those who are just curious about faith and religion and want to know more. We hold weekly meetings where we sing songs of worship, pray, have testimonies, hold bible studies and just have a good time in each other’s companies. We also participate in an annual student conference where CMDA students from across the region meet for a fun-filled weekend to share and worship together, we hold holiday parties, and participate in so many more activities.

Jewish Student Association

The Jewish Student Association was started by medical students for the purpose of organizing activities that increase Jewish awareness in the college community. Events are often focused around the Jewish festivals. Our goal is to discuss and learn about the various aspects of Jewish life, law, culture, and philosophy through open forums and guest speakers. We offer a cohesive, warm, and accepting group where members can learn more about the Jewish heritage and participate in events that further their interest and knowledge of Judaism. We are continually looking for new members and welcome new ideas from members of the college community.

Muslim Students Association (MSA) of NYMC

The goal of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of NYMC is to foster a Muslim community on campus through religious, social and civic activities. We also seek to promote an accurate awareness of the Islamic religion and culture within the university community.


For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities please contact the Dean of Student Activites at (914) 594-4491

Page updated: May 12, 2015