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Alpha Omega Alpha

The Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Medical Society (AOA), was organized in 1902 to support scholastic achievement in the medical profession. Currently, there are 123 active chapters of AOA in the United States and Canada, with New York Medical College's Iota Chapter being formed in 1957. Students are elected either as Junior Members during their third year, based on their performance during the basic science courses and the first half of the third year; or as Senior Members during the fourth year, based on performance during the first three years of medical school. The total number elected may not exceed one-sixth of the class.

In addition to being an honor society, AOA was founded as a service organization. Towards this end, the Iota Chapter pursues many activities serving New York Medical College, the local community and beyond. Tutoring programs are held for first and second year students. The Iota Chapter publishes two guidebooks, the "Guide to the Clinical Years" and the "Guide to Residency Applications." Over the past few years, the AOA has collected thousands of donated textbooks and journals, which have been sent to the University of Tirana in Albania. Also, a food and clothing drive is held in December.

The highlight of the year for the Iota Chapter comes in the spring when the AOA brings to campus as a Visiting Professor, an individual who has made significant contributions to the medical profession. The Visiting Professor gives two lectures, one in Westchester, and one at a city hospital. The culmination of this visit is an annual AOA banquet in honor of newly inducted student, faculty, alumni and house staff members.

American Medical Association (AMA)

As the largest organization of physicians in America, the AMA offers what other groups cannot:

  • Be informed on policy issues that affect you as a student and as you begin to practice
  • Propose changes or new resolutions to AMA policy to be adopted on a national scale
  • Participate in several NYMC service projects such as elementary school nutritional education, domestic violence lectures, and the NYMC StudentRun Health Fair
  • Become involved as an officer on a state, regional, and national level
  • Attend conferences with distinguished speakers (such as President Obama) and make connections with other medical students and physicians across America.
  • The AMA is more than just a club; it’s a professional organization that will benefit you throughout your career as a physician.Visit to register or for more info.


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is the nation’s oldest and largest independent medical student association. AMSA advocates for the interest and well being of patients, medical students, and residents. AMSA’s current strategic priorities are: advocating for quality, affordable healthcare for all; global health equality; enriching medicine through diversity; and professional integrity, diversity and student well being. As a member, you can get involved in many ways, both locally and nationally. At NYMC, AMSA hosts events to raise money for local charities, brings speakers to campus, and sponsors a Global Brigades service trip to Honduras each year.

American Medical Womens Association (AMWA)

AMWA is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. The AMWA chapter at NYMC is responsible for several popular events on campus that promote this mission. Families in Medicine, held in November, is a panel composed of physicians who discuss balancing the demands of a medical career with having a family. Some of our other events include the annual performance of the Vagina Monologues, all of the 1st and 2nd year used booksales, and the Gender Equity Faculty Award. All of our proceeds are donated to a women's charity of our choice. This year, we will be looking to add two 1styear students to our executive board to serve as 1st year representatives, and to take over for our board for the following year. In addition, this year we will also be encouraging more participation from the general club members as well in helping to run our events and coming up with fresh ideas for new ones.

American Physician Scientists Association

The American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) is national organization dedicated to career development, networking and support of physician-scientists in training. The regional branch of APSA at New York Medical College is interested in gathering medical students who share an interest in basic, clinical or translational biomedical research. As a club, we organize events such as travel to the New York regional and Chicago national APSA forum which deliver mentoring and networking opportunities across the entire career spectrum of the physician-scientist career pathway as well as offering career development sessions and panels. Locally, we organize formal and informal talks presented by faculty speakers from NYMC actively involved in both clinical and research work as well as physician-scientists guest speakers from the area. Please join our club or mailing list in order to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.

Anesthesiology Club

The NYMC Anesthesiology Interest Group is for students interested in anesthesiology and its subspecialties. Our mission is to provide medical students with exposure to anesthesiology through opportunities in mentorship, education, hands-on experience, and exploration of career opportunities. There are many leadership opportunities available, and students in any year of medical school are welcome to join! If you have any questions or would like to become involved in the group, please contact us at

Art Club

The mission of the Art & Photography Club is to provide the NYMC community with an opportunity to make and share artwork or photography. Through collaborative efforts among students and faculty, we want to inspire creativity and explore the meaningful role that the visual arts can have in medicine.


The Arrhythmias is a coed a cappella group founded, organized, and composed entirely of medical students. We were founded in 1993, and continue to be one of the most active groups on campus. The group typically consists of about 16 singers, and performs music from various genres specifically arranged for a cappella. We perform at numerous events throughout the year, including the White Coat Ceremony, the Cultural Show, and various charitable performances. The group typically meets once a week for 12 hours.

Board Game Club

Board Game Club strives to bring some much needed joy and happiness to the student body of NYMC. Our goal is to acquire games (not necessarily limited to the board variety) and have them in an easily accessible place such as the student lounge. Also to set up monthly organized game nights where larger groups can come together and play. This will give students an opportunity to meet and connect with their peers and have a good time. With these we hope to foster a happier, and dare I say healthier, community at the NYMC.

Camping Club

The mission of Camping Club is to provide the NYMC community access to the outdoors through organized camping trips and education on outdoor safety and medicine. We organize one camping trip each spring and autumn, with additional trips and activities varying based on student interest. By providing these opportunities to the NYMC community, we hope to foster an appreciation for the outdoors and enhance community knowledge of outdoor medical practice.

Cancer Awareness

The Cancer Education and Awareness Program (CEAP) is a student-run educational program dedicated to optimizing tobacco awareness in local middle schools and high schools. This program has been giving presentations to local science and health classes for the last three years. The presentations approach lung cancer and tobacco use from a biological standpoint, giving medical students the unique opportunity to educate local students about the biological and chemical basis of lung cancer and cigarette smoking. Our goals are also to encourage students to assess their behavior, and to empower them to share what they have learned with family and peers. As part of the program, students may also voluntarily complete our study. The study, in the form of a pre and post presentation questionnaire, is meant to assess the students’ responsiveness to this type of presentation and to determine our effectiveness in accomplishing our aims. It is our hope that we are significantly improving students’ knowledge related to tobacco use and negative health outcomes.

Cardiology Club of NYMC

The Cardiology Club of New York Medical College will serve as a portal through which students may explore the field of cardiology as a clinical specialization and as a discipline of biomedical research. The primary objectives of the Cardiology Club will be to foster interest in and inform students about the promises and challenges of the field of cardiology. It will also provide its members with educational and community service opportunities in a fashion related to the field of cardiology. These opportunities will take the form of seminars emphasizing career strategies, lectures in current topics in cardiology, and patient/community education events to inform the community about preventative strategies.

Clinical Nutrition Club

The Clinical Nutrition Club is brand new at NYMC! Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition in treating patients, seek out volunteer related educational opportunities at local schools, stay updated on current nutrition research and trends, develop resources for our student body such as cooking demonstrations, and provide opportunities for professional training in nutrition through mentorship and shadowing.


The Collegiate OrgaNization for Further Intellectual and Developmental Disability Education (CONFIDDE) is a club that will increase the exposure and education of future medical professionals in the realm of people with intellectual and neurodevelopmental disabilities (ID/ND). We will be introducing students to professionals from different medical fields, providing students with opportunities to interact with special needs individuals and their families, and participating in large community events that promote our cause. We believe this will lead to many exciting new opportunities for students at NYMC and will prepare a future generation of medical professionals to better understand and treat these special individuals.

Emergency Medicine Club

This club is designed for students who have a general interest in Emergency Medicine. We'll have speakers throughout the year. Topics generally include careers in EM, the lifestyle, residency programs, and what you can do to prepare your application. We will also have clinics that teach you the basics of suturing, IV's, intubations, etc. For those of you who think you want to work in an emergency room, this is the club to be in.

ENT Club

The ENT club seeks to promote interest and awareness about the field of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT). We seek to educate interested persons about what ENT doctors do and the various ENT specialties that exist. We bring in ENTs as guest speakers and promote all things Ear, Nose, and Throat. Oh, and we’re awesome!

Ethics in Medicine

Ethics in Medicine organizes monthly film screenings related to current moral challenges in healthcare provision. Each screening tackles a new pertinent health topic by showing a documentary and having an expert on the subject matter lead a discussion session afterwards. To date we have shown movies covering topics as varied as natural childbirth, HIV/AIDS medicine access, genetic selection, drug addiction and the drug war, euthanasia and maternal health care around the world.

Evolutionary Medicine Club

The Evolutionary Medicine Club provides a forum for aspiring young physicians and researchers to examine and discuss the current topics in the field of evolutionary medicine. Why do we get sick? Why is the human body built with so many flaws for pathogens to exploit? These are some of the questions that plague the field of medicine today and why is it important to delve beyond the simple understanding of how we get sick.

Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group is the student branch of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). FMIG is an excellent resource for students interested in exploring family medicine in an informal, but educational setting. Medical students can hear about the history of family medicine and its future and be exposed to a wide range of clinical skills and procedures important to family physicians. NYMC FMIG activities include suture clinics, “What is Family Medicine?” informational sessions, Webinars with other medical schools around the nation, resident panels, shadowing opportunities, and the chance to attend national Family Medicine Conferences. Websites:

The Goose

The Goose is a student run publication that attempts to find the humor in medical school. At the very least, we provide you with a Sudoku to enrich your lecture experience."

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an integral component of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences. Officers are elected annually and participate in a diversified program including student advocacy on a variety of social, academic and professional issues relevant to the graduate student members.

All graduate students belong to the GSA upon payment of the student activity fee. The GSA provides students with the opportunity to meet other graduate students and provides graduate students with a unified voice with which important issues concerning them can be addressed and brought to the school’s attention.

The GSA of the Basic Medical Sciences has representation on the Graduate Faculty Council and the Board of Trustees. The GSA maintains the BMS-GSA information bulletin board outside the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences office. The most significant contribution of the GSA is the running of the annual Graduate Student Research Forum.

International Medicine and Infectious Disease (IMID)

The purpose of the NYMC IMID Club is to create a community of NYMC students interested in learning about international medicine and infectious diseases in both the context of a career specialty and in more general terms. Throughout the year we plan to sponsor talks on current topics in the field, introduce students to practicing infectious disease specialists and international medicine physicians, and sponsor community service and fundraising events for causes to combat infectious diseases and support international medicine. We also plan to educate students about international medicine or infectious disease opportunities that they can be involved in during the summer or later in their careers.

ImproveHealthCare (IHC) Student Group

ImproveHealthCare (IHC) is an ongoing project funded by Harvard Medical School with funding by The Commonwealth Fund. The primary goal of IHC is to motivate students and professionals to learn about quality, access and disparities in the healthcare system. The New York Medical College chapter of ImproveHealthCare is dedicated to educational discussion and debate of the issues affecting health care policy and practice. We hope our actions will encourage future medical professionals to become more aware of issues regarding healthcare and more proactive in improving healthcare systems. Our activities include monthly case discussions, the annual IHC Collaborative Conference at Harvard Medical School, and partnering with other NYMC student groups to promote events intended to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare. Website:

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is aimed at providing students with an opportunity to become more familiar with the field of Internal Medicine and encourages early interaction with NYMC faculty attendings. The scope of the group is not limited to general Internal Medicine, but also encompasses the subspecialties (cardiology, GI, oncology, etc.). A focus of the group is to expose first and second year students to scenarios, allowing them to apply their knowledge of the basic sciences to a clinical situation under the guidance of attendings. Additionally, the group also sponsors a post-match meeting with fourth year students that just matched into the field to give their insight to the match process and the clinical years at NYMC.

NYMC International Medicine Club

The NYMC International Medicine Club strives to increase student awareness and knowledge regarding international health issues. We also hope to be a centralized locus where those interested in any facet of global health can congregate and share ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Current ideas include inviting speakers who have worked in the field, formulating a database for medically-related international opportunities, and teaming together to attend global health events in the New York area.

Neurosurgery Club

The New York Medical College Neurosurgery Club seeks to spread knowledge about neurosurgery as a future specialty for medical students. We encourage students to consider a neurosurgery residency by introducing them to information about the specialty. We work with the neurosurgery department at Westchester Medical Center to discuss the lifestyle and training of a neurosurgical resident. We also seek to provide awareness to nervous system related ailments.

Med Students for Choice

The mission of NYMC Medical Students for Choice will be to educate students about women’s reproductive health care, including contraception, family planning, and abortion, and to connect them with physicians providing these services for learning opportunities. The club will foster relationships between future physicians who are passionate about providing women with accessible reproductive health care options. Additionally, we will support the dispensation of evidence-based information regarding all aspects of family planning to de-stigmatize both abortion providers and patients and reduce barriers to reproductive health care services.

Medical Student Research Committee

The mission of the New York Medical College Medical Student Research Committee is to educate and support medical students and physicians in the discipline of scientific research. In fulfilling its mission, the committee provides programs which are grounded in the recognition and learning of sound scientific writing, critical analysis, and presentation. The efforts of the committee culminate in the Medical Student Research Forum in which students showcase their research and compete for awards. The day of the forum ends with a keynote address by a distinguished researcher/physician whom the committee feels embodies the ideals of a physician scientist. The committee holds itself to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, endeavoring to achieve the excellence expected of an organization holding a serious trust. Its members apply dedication without discrimination. The committee recognizes that a fundamental understanding of the relationships between medical research and the practice of medicine enables physician-scientists to more thoroughly serve patients and the community.

NYMC Community Garden

The goal of the community garden is to cultivate a place where students and faculty can go to work off the stress of school and work. People can care for the vegetables and flowers that we grow, help prepare the garden for planting, and help in the planned expansion of the garden area.

Ob/Gyn Interest Group

The mission of the OB/GYN Interest Group is to promote and encourage medical student awareness and interest of the diverse opportunities in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and to serve as a resource for those students planning to pursue it as a specialty. We hope to accomplish these goals with several events throughout the year, including hosting faculty/physician panels to help us learn about the careers and lifestyles of practicing physicians. We also plan to create opportunities for students to shadow OB/GYN physicians at WMC and Met Hospital. In addition, we hope to promote awareness of various women's health issues.

Oncology Club

The goal of the Oncology Club is twofold; to expose first and second year medical students to the rewarding field of oncology, while proactively trying to further the field in our own small way. Through exciting events, lectures, and entertainment we are able to give students a full picture of all that oncology entails, while raising money for cancer research and having fun.

Orthopedic Club

A club focused on introducing first and second year medical students to some of the applications and aspects in the field of Orthopedics. This includes, but may not be limited to, suture labs, splint labs, talks given by Orthopedic PA's as well as 4th year medical students who have recently matched in Orthopedics, as well as enough pizza to fill up Cooke Auditorium. Officers include a President, Treasurer, and a new Secretary that will be selected from the first year medical class. Meetings open to any and all interested!

Outdoors Club

"Our club promotes an active, healthy lifestyle through enjoyment of the outdoors for members of the NYMC community. Our mission is to provide fun outdoor excursions, to bring together people of similar interests, and provide resources on local outdoor activities."

Pediatrics Club

The Pediatrics Club at NYMC is designed to help students learn more about pediatrics and its specialties. We provide students with workshops, lectures and panel discussions that include various pediatric specialists and residents. We also work closely with the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. The club is very active and offers many opportunities for members to be involved.

Pharm Free

We are a group of students and healthcare providers who believe that pharmaceutical promotion should not guide clinical practice. Our mission is to encourage healthcare providers to practice medicine on the basis of scientific evidence rather than on the basis of pharmaceutical promotion. We discourage the acceptance of all gifts from industry by health care providers, trainees, and students. We believe that there is ample evidence in the literature (contrary to the beliefs of most healthcare providers) that drug companies, by means of samples, gifts, and food, exert significant influence on provider behavior. There is also ample evidence in the literature that promotional materials and presentations are often biased and noninformative. We believe that in the healthcare profession, precisely because we are professionals, we should not allow ourselves to be bought by the pharmaceutical industry. This year our goals are to:

  • raise awareness about the influence of pharmaceutical promotion on both medical education and the prescribing practices of physicians
  • run a “pledge drive” that will encourage students and physicians to become drug-company free
  • work with faculty and administrators to improve NYMC’s current standing on the AMSA PharmFree Scorecard
  • work toward incorporating discussions of pharmaceutical promotion into the medicalschool curriculum


The NYMC chapter of the national Psychiatry Student Interest Group Network will keep you up to date with all psychiatry related activities, meetings, and opportunities in the New York area. We also organize speakers and movie nights on campus, and are expanding into new sorts of activities (suggestions welcome!). NYMC PsychSIGN has just been elected by all other NY schools to be the seat of the Regional Chairmanship of APA student psychiatry, so we will be organizing the NYC meeting in October, which should hopefully be able to provide PsychSIGN members with an Open Bar.

Quill & Scope

Quill & Scope: The NYMC Student Medical Journal was founded in 2008 for the purpose of providing a platform for medical students of all years at NYMC to express their views on the contemporary issues in medicine.  Diversity and breadth of scope are core values of the journal, as is integrity and professionalism. The journal is published annually in the fall, after submissions are evaluated by an editorial board consisting of students and faculty. Students from any year are invited to contribute original pieces of work throughout the first half of each school year. All forms of art and literature will be considered for publication; commentaries, reviews, research abstracts, poetry, and artwork have appeared in the past. Topic choice is the contributors; all will be reviewed. To view editions from previous years along with topic ideas and submission guidelines please visit our website.

Radiology Club

Radiology club at NYMC is aimed at first and second years with or without a current interest in Radiology. The club's primary focus is to expose students to Radiology through Q&A sessions and case presentations. We hope to expand the amount of exposure students get in Radiology so that they are more aware of any potential interest they may have in the field. Officers traditionally kept are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer with very basic roles. We meet approximately one time a month, most often during lunch.

Radiation Oncology Club

The Radiation Oncology Club provides medical students at NYMC the opportunity to learn more about the unique field of radiation oncology by organizing informational events and bringing in speakers in the field to discuss their experiences and insights. Post-match meetings will be held to provide information regarding the residency application process to interested students.

Student Advocates for Neglected Diseases (STAND)

At the heart of the matter is the belief that all patients should matter. Rare and neglected conditions have a harder time attracting funding and support, and patients often suffer from that oversight. Student Advocates for Neglected Diseases (STAND) aims to foster meaningful connections between medical students and neglected patient groups by supporting Rare Disease Day activities, fostering personal attachment to and identification with specific disease organizations, and providing deeper understanding of the unmet needs of these orphan disease communities.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

NYMC SIGN is part of a network of over 150 medical school branches organized by the American Academy of Neurology. Whether you’re testing the waters, deadest on doing neuro, or somewhere in between, through SIGN you can:

  • learn why neurology is the best specialty out there (apologies to the other SIGs)
  • learn more about topics in neurology through movie nights and discussions
  • explore careers in neuro through talks about different subspecialties by neurologists in those fields
  • learn about scholarships and opportunities through the American Academy of Neurology and other organizations
  • get to know other students planning to go into neuro, and get advice from recently

matched students

If you are interested, watch out for emails regarding our first meeting and how to get involved!

Student Healthcare Executives Club

The NYMC Student Healthcare Executives Club  (StuHE) was established in the Spring of 1999 under the name ACHE and boasts student membership from a wide variety of disciplines. Students in good standing from any school of the NYMC are invited to join the club membership. The chapter was formed with the purpose of providing a network for students in healthcare administration to meet, exchange ideas on a local level. These goals include staying current on healthcare management issues, expanding healthcare management knowledge, and helping to shape the current and future environment of healthcare management. The chapter holds 4-5 meetings per academic year. These meetings, which are open to the entire NYMC community, are combined with lectures given by invited guests.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association is a nationwide organization that focuses on meeting the needs and concerns of minority medical students. Throughout its 40yr history it has directly confronted culturally sensitive issues, such as healthcare education disparities, violence prevention, sexual health awareness, and drug and alcohol prevention with the goal of countering these negative forces that plague minority communities in the US. Our mission here at NYMC is to promote the awareness and understanding of healthcare disparities and employ concerned individuals, regardless of race and ethnicity, in reaching out into communities to promote good health practices. We plan to have a fun-filled year that includes activities such as visiting junior high and high school students to inspire them to consider a future in health care, social outings, our annual cultural food festival and many more events.

Student Senate

Joining the NYMC’s Student Senate is a great way to get involved at NYMC! As a Senator you will have the opportunity to represent your fellow students, work on a very close-knit team, get to know many members of the administration, and have a lot of laughs. The Senate is a great group of 21 students that serves to represent the student body. There are 5 representatives elected by the student body from each of the four classes, plus a President elected by the Senators themselves. We voice the students’ concerns to the members of the faculty, staff, and administration, as well as keep the student body informed about what is happening in our community. Promoting communication and cooperation between the students and the other members of NYMC, it is our role to ensure that the administration and the students work together. We provide a venue through which students can extend their participation in the affairs of the college from the level of deliberation and consultation to the level of action. Keep an eye out for emails with further details about the upcoming elections!! Questions?

Surgery Interest Group

The NYMC Surgery Interest Group is a great opportunity for students who are interested in the field of surgery in general as well as those who already have a surgical specialty in mind. We will be hosting speakers from a variety of different specialties. In addition, suture clinics, surgical shadowing opportunities, and residency planning sessions will take place throughout the year. Come on out and meet students from all years that share your interests, and join us for food and speakers!

The Ballroom Dance Club

The Ballroom Dance Club was created by those passionate about dance to provide free lessons for all students a few times a year in various dance styles, including salsa, swing, waltz, bachata, and more. This club provides students a fun way to take a study break with some physical activity while simultaneously learning how to dance and making new friends. We hope in the future for our club to grow, to include trips off campus to dance as well as to include a performance or two throughout the year.

The Student Senate

Even at New York Med the ruling body of government for SOM students is the Senate. Each class is represented by five senators, and the senate body itself elects the president, who has traditionally been a fourth-year student. The bottom line responsibility of a senator is to represent the class to the best of his/her capability, while also playing the integral role of an information relay station.

The Student Senate is an integral part of the college community and is involved at every level of its growth and development. Through the Senate, students are able to participate in the decision-making processes that affect not only the situation of present students, but also that of future students and alumni of New York Medical College. Under the Senate umbrella fall most of the associations and clubs associated with New York Med. A portion of the student activity fees provides the Senate with an independent treasury. This makes it possible for the Senate to sponsor a large number of events, including parties and social affairs, and to budget individual clubs and committees. Specific events that receive financial support include orientation, Follies, NYMedTalks, Match party, post-boards cruise and several socials and parties throughout the year. The Senate also makes it financially possible for clubs and interest groups to have exciting agendas that benefit the entire New York Med community. Some of the many clubs that receive money from the Senate include AMSA, AMWA, SNMA, hockey and rugby.

On a more political note, the Senate elects student representatives to school and outside committees and organizations dealing with student-faculty relations, curriculum, graduation, financial aid, admissions, course evaluations, housing, student life improvement and relations with other medical schools.

Senate elections for the incoming class are usually held at the end of August or beginning of September, giving interested parties enough time to get to know the class a little and to make the decision to get involved. Medical school is basically what you make of it, so I hope to see you out there!


For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities please contact the Dean of Student Activites at (914) 594-4491

Page updated: May 12, 2015