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Board of Advisors

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Board of Advisors (7-11-16)

The Board of Advisors is a new body of governance within New York Medical College comprised of the leading professional, communal, philanthropic, and business leaders who share the visions and mission of NYMC.  The Board of Advisors is a non-fiduciary board tasked with providing ongoing guidance, support, and resources for the growth and development of the college.

Martin Katzenstein, M.D. ‘78
Chairman of the Board

Sabra Brock, Ph.D.
William Camera, CPA
Edward Chew, M.D. '03
Steven Cho, D.D.S.
Eric Choe, M.D. ‘88
Raymond Conta
Kathleen Finzel, M.D. '87
Moshe Hirth, M.D. ‘88
Moira Imperial
Rebecca Marcus, M.D. '06
Norman Maron, M.D.’70
Neal Mittman, M.D. ‘77
Lenny Newman, M.D. '70
Rebecca Newman, M.D. ‘05
Stuart Paris
Eliot Peyser
Anne Negrin Reis, M.D. ‘02
Steven Topfer, DO
Vincent Vigorita, M.D. '76
Patricia White, M.D.
John Zimmerman, M.D. ‘78