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BMSM 8030 Promoting the Narrative: Strategies for Effective Scientific Writing (Fall)


Dr. Jeitner

Credits: 1

Course Description:

Writing is an essential part of any scientist’s professional life. This activity ranges from the writing of letters to preparation of sophisticated technical reports. The aim of this course is to impart strategies to enable effective writing for the biological sciences. Various strategies for organizing and describing scientific material will be presented in the first half of each session by the course director. The second half of these sessions will be dedicated to class discussions of examples taken from the literature and the student’s writing. Students will write short essays early in the course from which examples will be used to illustrate certain aspects of writing, without reference to the authors, so as not to embarrass the students. The original and modified materials will be posted online after each lecture for the students to peruse. A variety of topics will be covered in these sessions: sentences, paragraphs, punctuation, tropes or styles, the visual presentation of data, and model building. In the case of the latter topic, the students will be encouraged to develop models based on their own scientific interest.