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PFDM 6002 Feeding/Swallowing Disorders in pediatric populations (Semester 1)


Credits: 3

Course Description:

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders in Pediatric Populations This course addresses a variety of disorders of feeding and swallowing possible in children and identified during the assessment/treatment process of patient care. Expected feeding disorders in specific populations are discussed, including specific syndromes and other medical etiologies. The concurrent development of behavioral difficulties is also addressed. The course is presented in an expository and problem-solving environment. Feeding/Swallowing Disorders in Pediatric Populations - Beginning to look at cases through the lense of a diagnostician incorporating knowledge from Course #1 - Medical management of the medically complex pediatric client - Education of multifactorial feeding disorders - Education of Oral dysphagia - Education of Pharyngeal Dysphagia - Diagnoses from Prematurity through craniofacial disorders including: - General information regarding diagnosis and specifics - Specific Real life Cases presented along with specifics related to oral, pharyngeal and esophageal features Meaningful Assignments - Text, evidenced based practice and journal article review supporting areas of knowledge - Spending time getting to know your community as referral base and referral sources - Analysis of photo images and video regarding normal and disordered breathing, suck/swallow/breath assessment, positioning challenges. - Group case work - Final assignment to present details of a specific disorder, case and beginning discussion of assessment, things to monitor for, SLP characteristics and treatment options.