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Stress Re-Education Resources

Life—with all its excitement and glory—can take a toll on body and mind. Taking time regularly to get centered and re-charged can enhance your health, your performance and your happiness. 

While we all have our own ways to de-compress, the following tools come highly recommended:

Breath2Relax Note: It seems that there was an update to this app in 11/15 and the update has rendered it challenging to use.  A portable stress management tool

Deep Relaxation [unclear what recommended link is—check site map]:  These musical choices are excellent for relaxation and stress management

Deep Relaxation with Andrew Johnson  Guided meditation to assist in stress reduction

Mindshift  An app designed to teach users how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps to take charge of anxiety  

T2Moodtracker  A mobile application that allows users to monitor and track emotional health