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Fitness Center Regulations

New York Medical College is delighted to provide to the NYMC community a facility that may bring you many hours of health and well-being. The following rules are designed to ensure that all those who use the Dr. Edward F. and Mrs. Anna M. Asprinio Fitness Center at New York Medical College respect the equipment and each other and enjoy a safe and inviting environment. Because this is an unstaffed Fitness Center, we must trust our members to act respectfully, use their best judgment and be courteous of others while using the facility.

The Fitness Center opened on February 17, 2016 as a free facility to members of the NYMC student body as well as College employees. Our expectation is that the Fitness Center will always be available to students with no extra charge. After a six-month period— during which we will monitor usage patterns and operational costs—we will evaluate the need for a nominal monthly fee for employee use to defray the costs of additional items such as an attendant and security, towel service, equipment maintenance, and other such items. These expenses would be reviewed with the Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee before any proposal for change is implemented.

Thank you for your attention to the rules and have a great workout.

Use of the Facility. While the fitness center is monitored by video 24/7, it is not staffed. Please use caution when exercising. The use of this fitness center is at your own risk. Consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.

Who can use the Center. The facility is open to all students, faculty and employees of New York Medical College (NYMC) and Touro College and University programs located at NYMC with an NYMC ID badge. No guests (including spouses, children  other family members or friends) are permitted. Persons under the age of 18 may not use or enter this facility. Use of the facility is restricted to those using the equipment for exercise. No other use of the facility is permitted (i.e. gathering area, study space, etc.).

Hours of Operation. The center is open during building open hours, 6:00am-Midnight. Note that there is a security guard at the desk from 8:30am-5:30pm on weekdays when the college is officially open for business. Security will also conduct building patrols during off hours. All persons must exit the fitness center promptly at closing time. Please allow time for showering and removing all personal items prior to closing time.

Entry. Entry is restricted to persons authorized to use the facility and who have a valid NYMC ID card. All persons entering the facility must tap their card on the card reader when entering, even if entering with other people. Never allow another person to follow you into the center or open the door for anyone.

Emergencies. In case of an emergency, call 911 or security at x4226 (914.594.4226). Red emergency panic buttons are located on the wall next to the light switch in each of the locker rooms as you enter from the fitness center. To contact security you can also use the intercom outside the fitness center entrance door. An AED machine is located on the wall inside the Fitness Center next to the entrance.

Emergency Exits. In the event of a fire alarm exit use the nearest door, alerting others along the way, and proceed to the designated assembly area. Do not re-enter the building until you receive the all clear. An Emergency Exit is located at the rear of the facility and exits onto the loading dock. Do not open this door except in an actual emergency requiring evacuation of the building or to let emergency personnel enter. Never prop this door open for fresh air or any other purpose.

Access to Other Parts of the Building. Access to other areas of the building is limited during non-business hours. Persons may only use the elevators, stairs and corridors to access areas of the building that are officially open. During off-hours, this may include the library and study areas. Persons found wandering in the building may be removed from the premises and have their access revoked.

Safe Environment. We seek to offer a non-threatening environment to get healthier. Please be respectful to all other users. The following actions are not permitted:

    • dropping weights
    • emotional outbursts or loud grunting while working out
    • loud or offensive language or behavior.

Attire. Proper workout attire is mandatory:

    • Shirts must be worn at all times
    • Dry, closed-top athletic shoes that cover the entire foot are required. The following are not permitted anywhere in the Fitness Center: open-toed, backless, or dress shoes, boots, heels, or sandals.
    • Appropriate attire must be worn during  yoga sessions.

When entering or leaving the fitness center, pants, warmups, or other street clothes should be worn while in the interior areas of the building.

Personal Items. All personal effects must be kept off the workout floor. Back packs, coats, bags, and other items, should be stored in lockers.

Lockers, Showers and Changing Rooms. The Center has locker rooms with showers available for patrons’ use. Changing into exercise attire must be done in the locker/shower room. You must provide your own towels and toiletries. Please do not leave valuable items unattended. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you use a locker, you are required to bring your own lock. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. If you leave your lock on a locker after you complete your workout and leave the facility, your lock will be cut off and thrown away and any property left in a locker may be disposed of without notice.

Equipment Use. Most machines have written instructions for use. Misusing the equipment can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment. Please follow these instructions and do not use the equipment in alternate ways. Do not use weights while on cardio equipment. Do not bring any weights or other equipment from the weight room into any other room in the fitness center.

Damage to Equipment. In the case of equipment malfunction, please notify the Facilities Department at 914-594-4588. Note that abuse or misuse of the equipment will not be tolerated. Avoid banging weights and dropping dumbbells. Equipment that is repeatedly broken will not be fixed or replaced. The fitness center is monitored by security. Users will be held responsible for any loss or damage to property for which they are responsible due to misuse. Machines may not be moved by users. 

Workout Etiquette. Please pick up after yourself and discard your trash. Machines, benches and mats should be wiped down after each use. Wipes are provided at different stations throughout the fitness center. Re-rack your weights and return all accessories to their proper locations. Do not monopolize the weights/strength training equipment. When doing circuit training you may not reserve all the equipment in your circuit at one time. Share the equipment if people are waiting. Do not sit on equipment between sets if people are waiting. If you have been on the cardio equipment longer than 30 minutes and other members are waiting for the machine, please allow other members to use the machine. Contact the Facilities Department at (914) 594-4588 to request more wipes.

Televisions. Three TV screens with remotes are provided. The TVs are set for closed captioning. You may use the remotes but do not touch the screens. Please be courteous about changing channels and turn off all screens if you are the last to leave the center. Instructions for using the headphones with smartphones are provided.

Personal Trainers. Only personal trainers approved by NYMC are allowed to train people at the center.

Aerobics/Yoga Room. This room is used for classes organized through the Office of Student and Residential Life at 914-594-4832. When the room is not occupied, it may be used by others, but must be vacated when a scheduled class begins. Please be on time for group fitness classes. It is disruptive to the other participants and the instructor when you arrive late. The instructor has the right to refuse admittance.

Food. No food is allowed in the Fitness Center. Drinks must be kept in a sealed bottle. Please inform the security office of any spills. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. Please contact the Facilities Department at (914) 594-4588 to report any spills or cleaning requests. After hours please contact the Security Department.

Personal electronics. Please do not use cell phones (for phone calls) in the Center. Use headphones when using personal electronics. No video recording is permitted in the center

Violation of Rules. Any violation of these rules may result in the suspension or forfeiture of access to this facility and possible disciplinary action by the appropriate NYMC body.