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Gold Humanism Honor Society

Who are we?
The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) honors senior medical students, residents, role-model physician teachers and others who have “demonstrated excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.” As part of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the GHHS aims to elevate the values of humanism and professionalism within the field of medicine. Membership to the society is intended to not only honor those involved but to promote the ideals of humanism in medicine through community service, mentorship, role-modeling and other initiatives.

Contact Us: nymc_ghhs@nymc.edu

Class of 2017 Members

Group Picture

Left to Right: Allison Beaulieu, Margaret Nguyen, Jessica Oh, Christa Belgrave, Aaron Odermann, Hannah Stoops, Nick Macklin, Natasha Vadera, Christopher Monson, Sumana Setty, Brittany Silva, Lydia Bunker, Nayan Patel, Michael Shen, Kyuin Lee, Qais Karim, Colton Margus, Caitlin Gillooly, Brian Yum, Rachna Mamidi, Dana Larsen, Benjamin Cooper, Lisa Brown, Donna Bahroloomi, Abdel Marques, Samantha Erosa, Henry Feng, Matthew Loconte, Miguel Alexis, Kevin Lloyd (not pictured) 

Events and Initiatives

White Coat Ceremony

Originally championed by Arnold P. Gold, the founder of the Gold Foundation, the white coat ceremony is a right of passage for medical students across the country. Symbolizing the entry into clinical practice, this is a moment to reinforce humanistic ideals as students begin interacting with patients. To help remind them of these ideals while in the hospital and out in the community, each year GHHS members from NYMC provide each student with a lapel pin to be worn proudly on their new coats.

Student Clinician Ceremony/Resident Teaching Awards

As students enter their clinically intensive third year, GHHS organizes another small ceremony to refresh the spirit of humanism. At the same time, the outgoing third-year class honors residents who exemplified these ideals through their teaching.

NYMC Cares Month

An entire month of community service activities, organized by GHHS, that's open to the whole school to participate. Past community partners have included Woodfield Cottage, Maria Ferari Child Life, Grasslands Homeless Shelter, Mental Health Association of Westchester County, Ossining Food Pantry, Ronald McDonald House, and others!

Solidarity Week

This is a week of events and initiatives held nationally every year by "medical schools, patient care facilities and other organizations around the country to show their support of the importance of kindness to patients." Activities include:

    • Tell Me More Campaign: Encourage all providers to find out more about their patients by working with patients to create signs to hang over their beds with a few bits of information about their live outside the hospital.
    • Give Thanks: Provide crafty materials for patients, families and providers to make create a personal thank you to providers who go above and beyond for them.
    • Take 5: Have providers take 5 minutes out of their day to talk about something outside of medicine.

Hope with Soap Drive

Fourth year students collect unused hotel toiletries from the residency interview trail (and other students/faculty contribute whatever they can) to donate to a local community center for the homeless.

And much more!