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Tuition & Fees


Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences
2017-2018 Academic Year
Fall 2017
Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences
Tuition $1,125 / credit
Entrance Fee (new students only) $135.00
Life Experience Fee $220.00
Academic Support Fee $100.00
Health Services Fee $225.00
Technology Fee $75.00
Activity Fee $35.00
Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences
Fall 2017 Dates
Full Payment Due August 7, 2017
Late Fees Begin* September 5, 2017

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences - Accelerated Master's Program
2017-2018 Academic Year
Tuition and Activity Fees are billed Fall & Spring and all fees other fees are billed out in the Fall semester
Tuition is subject to change pending final review in June 2017
BMS Accelerated
Tuition $40,860.00
Health Services Fee $225.00
Life Experience Fee $220.00
Academic Support Fee $200.00
Technology Fee $150.00
Entrance Fee $135.00
Activity Fee (Fall & Spring) $70.00
BMS Accelerated
Fall 2017 Dates
Full Payment Due July 28, 2017
Late Fees Begin* August 28, 2017
Spring 2018 Dates
Full Payment Due December 26, 2017
Late Fees Begin* January 26th, 2018

*A late fee of $100 will be charged to all unpaid balances of $300 and over.  This fee will be charged every 30 days until balance is paid in full.

Students who receive federal student aid are subject to both the general New York Medical College refund policy and a separate Federal Title IV Funds Refund Policy.


Payment Information for BMS students:

  • Payment Options

Master’s students may pay tuition in one lump sum by credit card or e-check (through the portal), financial aid, and/or other tuition remission or special arrangement (e.g. scholarship).  Students who wish to use student loans to pay for their tuition must apply through the Office of Student Financial Planning well in advance of registration, and must complete and sign all the required forms and loan agreements prior to registration.

  • Tuition Remission Policy

All Ph.D. students must submit a Tuition Assessment Form that has been approved and signed by the appropriate Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the Graduate School, and, if necessary, by the student’s dissertation sponsor (if the sponsor’s grant is supporting the tuition charges). All fees must be paid by the student, with the exception of the computer course fee, which is waived for full-time Ph.D. students.

NYMC employees, spouses, dependent children, and employees of NYMC affiliates may also be entitled to some tuition remission. Please visit the Bursar or Human Resources for more details.

  • Any student who registers for courses and does not pay in full will have their account balance placed with a collection agency. A 30% fee will be assessed to the outstanding balance.