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Checkout Procedure

The procedures and guidelines listed below must be followed for proper checkout to occur. Failure to follow proper checkout guidelines may result in possible continued housing charges.

Notification/Check-Out Inspection
Occupants who desire to vacate prior to the expiration of their housing agreement, must request permission, in writing, from The Office of Student & Residential Life at least one month prior to their anticipated checkout. Failure to do so will result in the continuation of this agreement. Arrangements for a checkout inspection may be made upon approval of the termination of the agreement. Occupants who are not present at a checkout inspection 16 agree to accept NYMC’s decisions regarding damages/assessments. All students who do not follow proper checkout procedures will forfeit their security deposit. Students who stay beyond the assigned checkout date including, but not limited to extensions that have approval from The Office of Student & Residential Life may incur a fee of up to $75 per day.

All apartment keys must be labeled and returned directly to the Maintenance Office. All parking card keys must be returned directly to the Security Office. The date that the keys are received by the Maintenance Office and the space is vacant, will be the official checkout date of an occupant and will be used for processing final housing charges, regardless if the date that the individual actually vacates is earlier. Keys shall not be given directly to roommates, new occupants of the apartment, or any other individual. Costs for lock changes and key replacements will be billed to occupants.