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School of Medicine Registration – Fourth Year Elective Registration Instructions

Registering for “Home” Electives (offered at NYMC or its affiliated sites)

  1. Locate the elective you would like to take in the 2017-2018 4th Year Elective Catalog.
  2. At the end of its description, find the CRN for the specific site and month.
  3. E-mail Dwayne_Plummer@nymc.edu to receive permission to enroll for the elective.
  4. If approved, the Registrar's Office will enroll you in the course.

Registering for “Away” Electives (at non-NYMC affiliated sites)

  1. Apply (through VSAS or the host institution’s procedure) and receive approval to participate in an elective.  Additional details can be found in the 4th year elective catalog.  Be sure to collect your evaluator's e-mail address. 
  2. Use the Fourth Year CRN Request form so the Registrar’s Office can create a CRN (course number) for you.
  3. The Registrar's Office will enroll you in the elective.
  4. Repeat with additional electives.

Dropping "Home" or “Away” Electives

  1. E-mail Dwayne_Plummer@nymc.edu who will forwward drops to the Registrar's Office for processing.