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Clinical Program

The clinical practicum sequence occurs across all semesters of the program.  The first two semesters of clinical work occurs in the department’s on-site clinic, Boston Children’s Health Physicians Division of Speech-Language Pathology.  Students work with academic and clinical faculty in the development of knowledge and skills in planning/execution of diagnostic and treatment strategies with pediatric and adult patients.  Opportunities are available for individual and group treatment.  The program offers three external rotation opportunities that occur during semesters three, four, and five.  Students are provide with experiences that cover the lifespan across a variety of clinical settings to include at least one healthcare setting (e.g., acute care hospital, acute, subacute, or long-term rehabilitation facility, pediatric inpatient facility, outpatient medical setting, etc.).  Other clinical environments include public and private schools, preschools, Early Intervention, private practices, pediatric and adult outpatient centers.