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SLP Program Strategic Plan

January 2016-January 2018

Executive Summary
The goal of the department’s strategic plan for this reporting period is to maintain the current standards of excellence in academic and clinical training as a medically-based speech-language pathology program when faced with administrative demands to increase enrollment.  Results from a faculty retreat held on January 27, 2016 identified a set of considerations to address specific threats to the quality of the program as a result of the steady increase in enrollment.  These considerations include 1) modifying teaching/assessment practices without diluting the quality of academic coursework; 2) providing sufficient clinical training opportunities to meet the development of knowledge/skills required in medical speech-language pathology; 3) increasing staff and faculty to meeting the academic/clinical/administrative needs inherent in student cohort growth; and 4) ensuring adequate space for classroom/clinical activities and personnel.  The strategic plan is aligned with Mission and Vision of New York Medical College as well as with the current Mission of the School of Health Sciences and Practice.

Strategic Plan Goals
In pursuit of achieving our Mission and to address threats to the quality of the program, the department identified goals in the following areas:  Education; Clinical Training; Research; and Community Engagement.


The Department will:

  • educate students to become outstanding speech-language pathologists;
  • provide and utilize existing inter-professional education opportunities;
  • sponsor continuing education programs for practicing clinicians and clinical educators who provide graduate student training;
  • provide educational opportunities with a multicultural perspective through graduate and alumni programs.

Clinical Training

The Department will:

  • provide clinical training opportunities to ensure competence in medical speech-language pathology;
  • broaden the clinical population/activities available through the department clinic;
  • ensure clinical experiences across the lifespan;
  • reinforce awareness and application of approaches to assessment and treatment of culturally and linguistically diverse populations.


The Department will:

  • research projects including systematic reviews and thesis opportunities. promote excellence in the education of speech-language pathologists through basic and clinical research;
  • promote the use of evidence-based practice principles in academic and clinical training;
  • involve students in faculty

Community Engagement

The Department will:

  • continue to provide speech-language screening in the community;
  • support student involvement in community-based outreach opportunities.

The department’s yearly strategic plan progress report is available upon request.