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A focused intramural clinical research program is supported within the Department. Members of the department annually present papers at national and international meetings, as well as publish papers in peer-reviewed journals. A Department research committee meets regularly under the direction of Mario Inchiosa, Ph.D. This committee reviews research proposals of both staff and residents and promotes active participation of all staff and residents in research. CA-3 residents especially are encouraged to develop research projects and to publish or present their findings in national forums. It is expected that all residents graduating from the program will complete at least one academic project, and/or publish one paper.

To specifically aid the resident and junior staff in developing research, the Department employs a senior pharmacologist, Mario Inchiosa, Ph.D., whose responsibility is to help in designing and executing research protocols. Dr. Inchiosa is an extremely valuable research resource who is conducting important investigations in a range of areas, including reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndromes, predictive analytics with linear modeling, and coagulation abnormalities in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.