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Current Residents

Adil Iqbal, M.D. PGYIV
Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica

Adil was born and raised in Jamaica, NY. He is fluent in the language Pashto. He did his undergrad at St. John's University and SUNY Farmingdale. His hobbies are sports (hiking, basketball and football), road trips, fishing, classic cars (60's-70's vintage Mercedes Benz) and food. Adil’s interests in Neurology are Vascular/Stroke, and TBI.


Prachi Kale, M.D. PGYIV
SSR Medical College, Mauritius

Prachi was born and raised in India. She is multilingual speaks French, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. She attended undergrad at Elphinstone College, Mumbai.  Her hobbies are playing basketball, swimming, and badminton, cooking and dancing. Her interests in Neurology include Epilepsy. 


Christeena Kurian, M.D. PGYIV
American University of the Caribbean

Christeena was born in Kerala, India. She was raised in Westchester, NY. She speaks Malayalam. Christeena did her undergrad at University at Albany, SUNY.  Her hobbies are music, art and dogs. Her interest in Neurology includes Vascular/Stroke.


Vaibhav Goswami, M.D. PGYIII
Manipal University/AUA

Vaibhav was born in India and raised in Alberta, Canada. He graduated Magna Cum Laude. Received awards for Patterns of Care in Glioblastoma - Largest Evaluation to Date Using National Cancer Database (1st place at AMA research symposium 2014) and in Effect of Vegetarian/Vegan Diet on Blood Pressure: A Evidence Based Review (1st Place at TAFP conference 2014). His Hobbies include traveling, playing drums, basketball and developing and running my web-solutions business.  Vaibhav’s interest in Neurology includes Interventional Neurology, Vascular Neurology and Health Technology.


Kavneet Kaur, M.D. PGYIII
MGM Medical College India

Kavneet was born and raised in Punjab, India.  She speaks Punjabi and Hindi. Kavneet received third year honors in medical school and graduated Cum Laude in medical school. Kavneet is currently working on her M.P.H. in Health Care Policy and Management at New York Medical College. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking and music.  Her interests in Neurology are broad.


Rafia Shafqat, M.D. PGYIII
St. Georges University

Rafia was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and raised in Toronto, Canada. She speaks Urdu and Punjabi. She did undergrad in Ryerson University, Canada. Hobbies include reading (and re-reading Harry Potter), cooking (and eating it all), baking (to feed others), obsessing over the latest teenybopper TV show, and yoga. Interest in Neurology includes Epilepsy and Neuro- Immunology.


Sania Atta, M.D.  PGYII
Ayub Medical College (AMC)

Sania was born and raised in Pakistan. She is fluent in Pashto & Urdu. Her hobbies include sketching, painting, traveling, movies, gardening, cooking and spending time with family. Sania’s interests in Neurological are broad.

 Sania Atta

Scott Wolf, D.O. PGYII
Western University COMP-NW

Scott was raised in Ogden, Utah. He did his undergrad in Microbiology. His hobbies are traveling, music, running, art, music, friends, family, good conversation, and anything fun really. Scott’s interests in Neurology include Stroke and Headaches.

 Scott Wolf

Ervis Xhihani, M.D. PGYII
New York Medical College

Ervis was born in Elbasan, Albania and was raised in Waterbury, Connecticut. He is fluent in Albanian. He completed his undergrad in University of Connecticut. His hobbies include cooking, fantasy football, listening to podcasts and running. Ervis’s interests in Neurology include Neurocritical care and Stroke.

 Ervis Xhihani

Hussein Alshammari, M.D. PGY I
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Hussein was born in Iraq and was raised in Springfield, Virginia. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biochem at University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. His hobbies include soccer, outdoor activities, and cheese tasting. Hussein’s interests in Neurology includes both inpatient (ICU, stoke) and outpatient interest.

Hussein Alshammari 

Kristina Maselli, M.D. PGY I
St. George’s University School of Medicine

Kristina was born in Bronx, NY and was raised in Westchester, NY. She completed her undergraduate Degree in Neuroscience at Muhlenberg College, in Allentown, PA. Her hobbies include spin classes, baking, and spending time with family and friends. Kristina's interests in Neurology include dementia and movement disorders.

Kristina Maselli

Sydney Moseley, M.D. PGY I
St. George’s University School of Medicine

St. George’s University School of Medicine Sydney was born in Toronto and was raised in Ontario, Canada. She completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario Canada. Her hobbies include zumba, travel, guitar, and fashion. Sydney’s interests in Neurology include behavioural neurology, neuro-oncology, and neuro-immunology.

Sydney Moseley