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Skull Base Surgery

An active skull base surgery program exists in cooperation with the Department of Otolaryngology for the management of all types of skull base tumors, including acoustic neuromas, pituitary tumors, and paranasal sinus neoplasms with intercranial extension.

Neurosurgeons work very closely with the neuro-otologists to care for patients with these disorders. Intraoperative facilities exist for the monitoring of multiple cranial nerves. Pre-operative 3-D modeling is combined with an intra-operative real time image guidance system to optimize outcome in these procedures. Pre-operative embolization is available for vascular tumors. 

Center Leader:

  • Christian Bowers, M.D.


  • Katrina Stidham M.D.
  • Lawrence Meitelis, M.D.
  • Cameron Budenz, M.D.


  • Augustine Moscatello M.D.
  • Deya Jourdy, M.D.
  • Ameet Kamat, M.D.


  • Monica Schwarcz, M.D.