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The training on the C-L service is centered at Westchester Medical Center.  The fellows are assigned consultations and are supervised by attendings who round on the patients with them. The fellows also provide evaluations and psychotherapy to outpatients in the outpatient clinic.  The fellows have the opportunity to follow patients from the inpatient to the outpatient setting, allowing for continuity of care.  In addition, the fellows rotate through different services and participate in psychosocial rounds.  These services include palliative care, high risk OB, neurology, pain, burn and liver, kidney and cardiac transplant.

The fellowship offers many areas in which the fellows can learn.  There are different educational opportunities which include didactic classes, journal club, reading seminar, grand rounds and sitting on committees of the psychiatry department.  Research opportunities are available in the department which allows the fellows to participate in an ongoing project or pursue an area of individual interest.  Support and assistance from faculty are available, as needed.  In addition, fellows will have the opportunity to learn about and participate in tele-psychiatry to affiliated hospitals.

The fellows receive overall evaluations biannually and when rotations end.  It is the goal of the fellowship to prepare fellows for the rigors of academic careers as well as advancing their clinical growth.  The fellows, in turn provide feedback to the fellowship through program evaluations, supervisor evaluations and participating in the annual meeting of the fellowship.