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Curriculum and Didactic Education

The psychiatric residency offers a full day of protected academic time (in the event classes are not schedules, residents are expected to resume clinical duties), and an expanding program of didactic education.  We expect our residents to work hard on the clinical services, and to build on their experience in the classroom.  We have an excellent ABPN Board passage rate, and have launched many residents into prestigious careers around the country.

As you will see from the curriculum below, we augment our in-house teaching staff with voluntary faculty from around the metropolitan area for coursework in subjects ranging from child sexual abuse to cross-cultural practice in the ultraorthodox Jewish community.

We’re always looking for original and inspiring ways to teach:  from building models of the brain out of playdough, to rigorous curricula from the American College of Psychopharmacology, to studying the life and writings of Adolph Hitler.   Many of our most original ideas come from residents: training residents as teachers is a core part of our educational mission, and many outstanding aspects of our educational program include the work of students-turned scholars in our program. 

See our Curriculum:
You can download our WMC Curriculum for 2017-2018.

Research and Scholarship

Under the leadership of our Chairman, Dr. Stephen J. Ferrando, our training program has a dynamic and growing program to foster what we anticipate to be a lifetime commitment to clinical research and scholarship among our trainees.   Our initiative includes a regularly scheduled Research Colloquium which serves as an open forum for academic projects in every stage of development, a “Disorder of the Quarter” clinical study and practice review project, and 1:1 faculty support for groups and individual residents engaged in scholarly pursuit.