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Interviewing and Psychotherapy Training

At the NYMC/BHC program we view the ability to listen to and understand a patient as core aspect of psychiatry, which underlies all other activities, theoretical frames of reference, or therapeutic modalities a psychiatrist may engage or employ.

Our clinical training emphasizes interviewing and case formulation, including challenging, video-recorded simulated patient interviews.  Our outpatient year offers extensive training in both Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Two members of our faculty are faculty members of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Research and Training, and many of our voluntary faculty have distinguished credentials in various treatment modalities. 

Third year residents particularly interested in psychodynamic psychiatry have the option of rotating in our Personality Disorders / Development clinical track, as well as participation in the general curriculum . Third and Fourth year residents also have the option of enrolling the New York Medical College Psychoanalytic Institute.

All residents attend case conferences and didactics focused on treatment of personality disorders, as well as training in Family and Marital Therapy, and Group Psychotherapy.

Simulated Interview (9-29-16)

Simulated Patient Interviews  

We’ve launched an ambitious Simulated Patient Interview Program.  We’re using video recordings of the encounters to build and assess resident skills in challenging clinical scenarios, and as tools in the classroom and clinical workshops.

See a simulated patient interview:

You can check out one of our interviews here.

Care to challenge your clinical skills further?  Email WMC Program Director and place the word “SIMULATE!”  in the subject line to receive a self-assessment guide based on the interview.