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Call Responsibilities

The on-call experience at Westchester Medical Center allows residents to practice independent decision-making while acting as the first-line consultant to various medical and surgical services. As mentioned earlier, WMC is a Level 1 Trauma and Tertiary Care Center where residents are exposed to a vast array of cases covering every point in the spectrum of pathology. The most‌ memorable cases are invariably the ones that come up during evening or overnight call.

The call schedule has been recently adjusted in response to the new format of the board exam entering the 2013 year. Residents begin taking in-house call starting their second year of residency. We utilize a short call and night float system.

The on-call resident is responsible for providing preliminary reports on all emergency department plain films and all CT scans performed during their call shift. We take pride in our residents’ ability to take independent call and do not utilize teleradiology services. The in-house resident always has back-up available if needed, provided round-the-clock by the on-call neuro and body attending radiologists. In addition, there is an on-call interventional radiologist available at all times. We fully comply with ACGME duty hour regulations, with the average resident work week ranging from 55-60 hours.


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