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The learning experience at the workstation is supplemented by high yield hour-long daily conferences at 12:30pm. Noon conferences are planned based on a curriculum set by the academic committee and cover every topic that the residents are expected to have mastered prior to taking the CORE examination at the end of the third year and beyond. Practical physics applica‌tions are embedded into each lecture given by our faculty members. In addition, each Tuesday morning didactic lecture is given by the department’s physicist in accordance with a 12-month curriculum reviewed by the academic committee. The conferences tend to be didactic at the beginning of the year and then gradually transition to hybrid case/didactic conferences as the year progresses. Each month, there is Radiology equivalent “mortality & morbidity” noon conference to discuss and review missed cases by resident on call. There is also a monthly journal club session which is supervised by an attending faculty member. Grand Rounds are given monthly by nationally and internationally recognized visiting professors from top academic institutions across the country.

 Multidisciplinary tumor boards are held every Wednesday morning at 7:00 A.M., and each radiology resident is assigned to a three-week block during each academic year. The resident is expected to prepare and present the image findings for each case discussed at the meeting. During individual rotations, residents are expected to attend the following specialty-specific meetings: liver tumor board during Body MRI and Interventional Radiology rotations, gynecology tumor board during the Body MRI rotation and the weekly neurosurgery conference during the Neuroradiology rotation.

 All third year residents attend the American Institute for Radiology Pathology (AIRP) four-week course in Silver Springs, Maryland. The tuition is paid for by the department, and a $1500 stipend is available for living expenses. The department also covers tuition for all third and fourth year residents to attend either the annual Head to Toe conference held at NYU or RSNA. Residents are reimbursed the expenses of additional conference during their four years. Furthermore, all residents are encouraged to be actively involved in research throughout their residency and present their works at national/international meetings.



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