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Message from the Chair

In my last letter, I brought you up to date with a number of things going on in the department and at the college. We are preparing for the 2018 residents’ graduation reception and the milestone of the Rehabilitation Medicine residency program which has been teaching and training residents in Rehabilitation Medicine for 66 years.

Our program continues to be competitive with hundreds of applications received each year. Currently, we are in the recruitment process for July 2018. 

The residents continue to an anatomy/dissection course annually. The course is given by the NYMC Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy and it is a learning experience that the program strives to offer annually to our residents.

The Residency program also continues to accomplish its goal of graduating residents and propelling them onward to successful careers and Fellowships.

We welcome and appreciate new ideas and/or alumni interested in presenting to their colleagues and anyone who may be interested in participating in our Grand Rounds, to please contact us. The upcoming year is again upon us as of July 2018.  It is going to present its unique challenges to the Department, and the Department cannot meet these challenges without your participation and help. It is with your support that we will be able to provide quality training for residents and ensure continued successes within the NYMC Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. For those who enjoy teaching, I welcome your time and expertise toward resident education and look forward to hearing from you to schedule your participation in our educational program.

For those with limited time for educational activities, I kindly request your donations which will help support our residents' education and professional development, encouraging them to participate in scholarly activities that contribute to the advancement of both the specialty and our residency program. It is through a strong partnership of RM Alumni and the Department, both vested in education and the future of our specialty, that we can maintain the stature and recognition of one of the oldest and excellent Rehabilitation Medicine programs in the United States. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sincerely yours,

Eduardo Lopez, M.D.  
The Catherine and Ladislav P. Hinterbuchner Professorship and Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine
NYMC School of Medicine