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Campus Closings

Inclement Weather Policy (HR 510)

Valhalla College employees may determine the College’s situation during inclement weather by utilizing any of the following procedures:

  • Calling the College INCLEMENT WEATHER telephone line, (914) 594-3600 for a recorded message.  Employees should not call the Security Office.
  • Receiving a call at home from their supervisor.
  • Accessing the College website at Campus status will appear in a banner along the top of the homepage. (NOTE: If no update is posted on the website, the college is open for business as usual)
  • Checking their College E-mail account for an Announcement

**Employees should periodically re-check the website and the Inclement Weather phone line in the event that a  normal opening is updated to a delayed opening or a delayed opening is updated to a closing.

There are three levels of operations in inclement weather situations: Closed; Open for Classes Only and Open, Business as Usual.  The following is a guideline that should be used in determining which individuals should report for work during each level of operation:

  1. Closed (which includes Early Closing or Delayed Opening).  Only Level A, essential Faculty, and Staff are to report for work, including those providing essential operational and building services, care of patients and research.  Examples include:  Facilities Grounds Crew, Facility Department Union Mechanics and Trades, Facilities Housing, Comparative Medicine Employees, Information Services On-Call Technical Support or Employees engaged in direct patient care or time-sensitive laboratory experiments.
  2. Open for Classes, Only.  All Level A, Faculty and Staff, as indicated above, are to report to work.  In addition, Level B employees, whose services support the educational mission of the College are to report to work.  Examples include: teaching faculty with scheduled classes, Library employees and those who provide direct classroom support.
  3. Open, Business as Usual.  All Faculty and Staff are to report to work or, in the event of unusual personal circumstances related to the inclement weather, arrangements should be made with their supervisor to take the day off and to charge it to personal time or vacation.

College employees who report to work after the announced opening time or who do not report for work will not be paid, unless a valid reason is provided and approved by their supervisor.  Arrangements can be made to charge time off to personal time or vacation.

Level A or Level B Faculty and Staff should be identified and notified of their designation, so that they can be prepared to follow the procedures indicated on the first page during inclement weather.  Identification should be made in terms of essential operational and building services, the educational mission of the school, time-sensitive research and the care of patients.

Prior to making the Level A and B designations, budgets should be reviewed.  Non-exempt and union employees who perform essential services under situation A and B are to be paid premium overtime for hours worked during inclement weather plus their regular pay for the day when the College is Closed or Open for Classes Only.  Faculty and Staff who are not requested to come to work will be paid their regular rate of pay for their regular scheduled hours.  Hours should be recorded on the timesheet as “Q”, excused with pay.

It is very likely that the College will have to implement this Inclement Weather procedure soon.  It is, therefore, imperative that employees in each department be notified of their designation as Level A or Level B so that they can be prepared to respond to the College Inclement Weather Announcement from their supervisor, on the Inclement Weather Telephone Line (914) 594-3600 or on the College Website.

Please post this notice in your department and/or distribute it to department Faculty and Staff for their information and utilization.

Announcements will be recorded on the NYMC Inclement Weather Telephone line, (914) 594-3600 by 6:30 AM.