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On September 1, 1887, five Misericordia Sisters came to Clifton, Staten Island in response to a communication from Archbishop Corrigan of New York to Archbishop Fabre of Montreal. The Sisters were to assist Rev. McQuirk in caring for women in a Maternity Shelter for the poor. The Sisters first settled on Staten Island, then Harlem, until their purchase of land on 86th street in rural Yorkville secured them a permanent home. The Sisters ministered to hundreds of young women. By 1893, 717 unwed mothers had been given free service, and all the general medical and surgical services of the time were offered.

In 1905, to reflect the broad work of the home, its name was changed to Misericordia Hospital. During this time, the Misericordia School of Nursing formally opened its doors under the direction of Miss Kathleen O’Neill, a prominent nurse of that era. Five nurses are recorded for the first graduating class in 1913. In 1915, twelve nurses graduated, and the Misericordia School of Nursing was recognized by the State Education Department. From 1951 to 1976, the school held full accreditation status by the National League for Nursing as a Diploma school, and from 1976, it was empowered to confer an Associate Degree Program

By 1950, Misericordia was the second largest Catholic hospital in the city. By 1958, Misericordia Hospital moved to its present location in the Bronx, and the school of nursing moved to its new site on Carpenter Avenue in the Bronx. The Sisters transferred the sponsorship over to the Archdiocese of New York in 1976, and the school of nursing surrendered its facility to the ever-growing hospital and relocated to 4401 Bronx Boulevard. In June of 1982, affected by changes in healthcare, the Misericordia School of Nursing closed its doors.

Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center is a University affiliate of New York Medical College.



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