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Apple Computer Collegiate Purchase Program

The Purchasing Department has entered into a "Collegiate Purchase Program Agreement" with Apple Computer, Inc., to accommodate any purchases of Apple computers. This agreement provides for higher educational prices.

To access Apple Computer on the web for New York Medical College use the following steps:

1. The address is This is also a special address for students and educators to order Apple products at a discount!
2. On the right side move the arrow down and click on "The Apple Store for Education" located in the lower right hand of the screen and click on that link.
3. Enter Campus City and state on this page.
4. Click "New York Medical College" and "Continue".
5. You are now on the New York Medical College page for finding what you want under the "Collegiate Purchase Program Agreement"
6. You may now order using a Purchase Order or using a credit card or mail in check if it is an individual purchase. For any questions related to this program call your Apple representative Jim Evans his toll free number (800) 800-2775 Ext. 46904.


Apple Computer, Inc.
Mailstop # 198-E
Higher Education Sales Support
2420 Ridgepoint Drive
Austin, TX 78754

Attn.: Jim Evans

Tel: 800-800-2775 Ext. 46904
Fax: (512) 674-2244


John Stein
Purchasing Manager


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