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Grainger Industrial Supplies

New York State has permitted Grainger to set up dual account numbers for the purchase of products utilizing New York State contracts. One account is for general purchases by New York Medical College. The second account is for personal purchases by employees affiliated with New York Medical College. New York State prices with Grainger are applicable to both of these accounts but not all products are covered by the New York State prices.

The web site address to view the Grainger catalog is To obtain New York State prices one must telephone Grainger with the part numbers and the specific account number. Only list prices are shown in the catalog and the web site. Orders utilizing these account numbers may not be placed through the Grainger web site. Use the web site for information only. To order follow the procedures below.

Supplier -      Branch: 547

505 Saw Mill River Rd.

Elmsford, NY 10523-1009

Phone: (914) 347-6800

Account Manager: Joe DiGuglielmo - cell phone: 914-247-6800


I.       Account # 1 - New York Medical College department purchases only.

Account Name: New York Medical College

Account # 807194600

Account phone # 914 594 4588

(When requesting a price or placing an order for department purchase, Grainger branch personnel will ask you to identify yourself with an account number or the above phone number).

Transactions must be via a Requisition/Purchase order.

You will be asked if the order is under a blanket PO reference or new PO number.

            Delivery - 1/2 days for stock items, 10 days for custom items

            FOB - Delivered.  No shipping charge on orders $50 or more.

Note:    All college purchases from the Grainger catalog are covered by New York State contract.


II.      Account # 2 Employee (personal) purchases only.

Account Name: N Y S Employee Acct

Account # 827618919

          Transactions must be cash or credit card.

Pick up only at counter. No delivery.

Purchases subject to tax.

Transactions in II Above are strictly between the employee and Grainger. New York Medical College has no liability, responsibility or involvement in these transactions.


John Stein
Purchasing Manager


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