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Purchasing with the assistance of NYMC IT/IS has established several bundled offerings featuring low end, midrange and high end desktop and notebook configurations for the College through the Dell Higher Education Division which affords very attractive pricing for business machines for the college community.  Please contact Information Services to request quotations.

Once you have your quotation, attach it to a Purchase Requisition and forward it for approval through the Purchasing system process. Please note that requisitions for computers must be approved by the CIO before being submitted to the University Budget Office.

Note that all computer orders are placed by Purchasing.  Computer orders are not to be placed by departments on “Do Not Duplcate “ Purchase Orders.

Note that the website Dell.Com is Dell’s consumer division and though at times there will be very competitive pricing found there, Purchasing strongly discourages acquisition of these units for the following reasons:

  1. Dell’s consumer site pricing may not include the basic three year warranty coverage with their promotional pricing.  A Three year warranty is mandatory for any computer purchased by the College.
  2. Computers purchased through Dell’s consumer site are subject to tax (regardless of the College’s exempt status).  Shipping fees might be applied as well, which is not the case for business machines bought through the Higher Education Division.
  3. The componentry on business models is static whereas it is constantly changing on consumer machines.  This can lead to headaches down the road when trying to obtain the right component from Dell to replace in a machine.  Also the spec configurations are constantly changing whereas the business machines are constant.  Because of the standardization needs in the Higher Education market, Dell guarantees that the life span on their business machines (Optiplex, Latitude, Precision) will last a minimum of twelve months and up to eighteen months.  Parts are guaranteed for these machines for five years.  Support of consumer models is uncertain because they change so often.
  4. The pricing on Dell’s consumer site is similarly dynamic.  A sale price on a particular model may be for only a day or two until it is replaced by a new special promotion.  As such, these offerings are intended for immediate same day purchase and are not intended for business settings where internal approvals are required before equipment can be ordered.  This is not an issue with the bundled equipment offerings.
  5. Consumer models can be significantly backordered.  This is for two reasons: 1) Consumer models tend to have the latest and greatest features, chips and other components.  For example often time the latest chip gets behind in production or encounters quality control issues and then all the similarly specified computers are delayed.  All computer manufacturers are using the same components and sharing in the backlogs so demand can easily outweigh supply.  2) There are many components shared by all Dell’s customers such as chassis and LED screens monitors, etc.  The allocation of these components are prioritized with Emergency Services (police, fire and rescue) being on the top and consumers clearly on the bottom.  Higher Ed customers have higher priority but if the College purchases a consumer machine we have to wait longer notwithstanding our Higher Ed status.



To make a personal purchase taking advantage of the College’s discounts with Dell, choose one of the two following methods:

  1. Go to the following website and follow instructions there.
  2. Call 800 274 7799 Ext. 88714.  If asked for an ID, use US31264298



John Stein
Purchasing Manager


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