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March 2015
Event Location Contact Description
3/31/2015 10:00am - -- Thesis Defense BSB RM 307
Dept of Microbiology & Immunology
PhD Dissertation Defense "Carbohydrate Utilization by Borrelia Burgdorferi as it progresses through the enzootic cycle" Arianna Corona
3/31/2015 12:00pm - -- Seminar Biochemistry Rm 112
Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
"From dysfunctional intracellular trafficking to STAT5 and sex bias in pulmonary hypertension" Pravin B. Sehgal, MD, PhD
3/31/2015 5:00pm - 6:00pm Grand Rounds 19 Skyline Drive
“Cultural Competency, Language Barriers and Medical Error” by Ira Bedzow, PhD, Dir of Biomedical Ethics & Humanities, NYMC
April 2015
Event Location Contact Description
4/1/2015 8:00am - 9:30am Seminar 19 Skyline Drive Rm 1S-F53
Dept of Medicine, Div of Gastroenterology
"Biliary Atresia" Richard Rosencrantz, MD
4/1/2015 9:00am - -- Grand Rounds WMC, Rm LLD05
Department of Surgery
"Review of Biliary and Vascular Injuries after Laparoscopic and open Cholecystectomy" Arpit Amin, MD Chief Resident, Dept of Surgery, WMC
4/1/2015 1:00pm - -- Research Seminar BSB RM 414
Department of Pathology
"Flavin-cointaining Monooxygenase-3: Novel Genetics Determinant of Adaption to Hepatotoxicity by Acetaminophen" Jose E Manautou, PhD
4/1/2015 5:00pm - -- Leaders in Health Care Seminar Series CIL
"Rethinking Healthcare:A Business Case for Getting People What They Need" Claudia Fine, LCSW, MPH, CMC, CCM, Chief, Professional Services, Humana At Home
4/7/2015 6:00pm - 7:30pm Information Session SHSP, Room 200
Master of Public Health and Graduate Certificates, Doctor of Public Health in Health Policy and Management, Master of Science in Biostatistics- Information session for Prospective Students
4/8/2015 2:00pm - -- Seminar BSB Rm 210
Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy
"Cell Dynamics and the Morphogenesis of the Mammalian Embryo" Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis, PhD
4/13/2015 11:00am - -- PhD Dissertation Defense BSB Rm511
Department of Pharmacology
"20-HETE Upregulates Endothelial Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE: Contribution to 20-HETE-Dependent Hypertension, Vascular Dysfunction and Microvascular Remodeling " Victor Garcia
4/21/2015 5:00pm - 6:00pm Grand Rounds 19 Skyline Drive
"Teaching & Implementation of Clinical Reasoning Skills in the UME Setting" Jeffrey Wise, MD Prof of Medicine, Senior Assoc Dean for GME, Tulane Univ Health Sciences Center
4/22/2015 11:00am - -- Seminar BSB Rm 511
Department of Pharmacology
"Hypertension and End-organ Dysfunction: What Do T Cells Have To Do With It?" Meena Madhur, MD, Phd, FACC
4/30/2015 5:00pm - 6:00pm 59th Annual AOA Visting Professor's Lecture Chouake Auditorium
Department of Medicine
"Is the Physician-Scientist Vanishing?" Andrew I. Schafer, M.D.
May 2015
Event Location Contact Description
5/6/2015 4:00pm - 6:00pm 3rd Annual Research & Scholarship Day MEC Lobby
Graduate students, faculty & staff members are invited to present,attend & take part in learning about & discussing the school's innovative health projects & scholarly activities in research,teaching more.Join Us!
5/13/2015 8:00am - -- 2015 5th Annual Paul K. Woolf, MD Pediatric Resear TTC
Department of Pediatrics
2015 5th Annual Paul K. Woolf, MD Pediatrics Research Day
5/21/2015 5:00pm - -- NYMC 156th Commencement Carnegie Hall, NY
President's Office
New York Medical College's Class of 2015 156th Commencement exercises will be held at Carnegie Hall, NYC.
5/29/2015 11:00am - -- 6th Annual Samuel S. Kasoff, MD Memorial Lecture 19 Skyline Drive GN-F15
Department of Neurosurgery
"Surgical Management of Brain Stem Lesions" Robert F. Spetzler, MD, FACS
December 2015
Event Location Contact Description
12/6/2015 -- - -- HOLIDAY
Human Resources
Hanukkah 12/6/2015 -12/14/2015