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Dumitru A Iacobas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pathology

Email: dumitru_iacobas@nymc.edu


Department of Pathology
Basic Sciences Building, Rm 410
15 Dana Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595
Tel. (914) 594-3930

Professional Interests:

I am a (bio)physicist in pursue of a holistic approach to understand the organizational principles behind the phenotypic expression and predict consequences of their alteration. In collaboration with outstanding physicians and biologists (including former students) we explored both experimentally and theoretically from membrane channels, cell genome, regions form nervous and muscular structures to large ecosystems and even sociopolitical systems. We have developed multi-dimensional mathematical models of intra – and intercellular signaling and of various disorders, trying to integrate clinical, pathophysiological and behavioral observations with ‘omic’ data. This is the beauty and power of the Physics way of thinking: to give you unlimited freedom to navigate among levels of complexity. Considerable effort was allocated to optimize several experimental protocols and to develop novel normalization algorithms and analytical tools for genomic studies. Thus, Prominence Gene Analysis selects and ranks fabric genes, Pair-Wise Relevance Analysis characterizes fabric topology, Transcriptomic Distance Analysis quantifies fabric remodeling and Transcriptomic Recovery Efficacy evaluates treatment-induced restoration of the normal transcriptome while considering the side effects. The genomic fabric paradigm was successfully used in collaborative studies on animal models of multiple sclerosis, fragile X, Huntington disease, infantile spasms, epilepsy, Lupus, intra-ventricular hemorrhage, retina injury, pain, Chagas cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction and diabetes. It was also used to understand the remodeling of brain neurotransmission following pre-/post-natal administration of steroids, remodeling of signaling pathways in DRG neurons, sex differences in hypothalamic cytoskeleton or effects of oxygen, vitamin D or estrogen deprivation. We have studied also the brain sensitivity to ablation of various connexins, and the role played by certain key genes in regulating major processes such as myelination, immune-inflammatory response or heart rhythm.

Recently, we have established the Systems Biology Core to provide Faculty, students and staff with much needed theoretical and experimental tools.

Education Profile:

Graduate Degree: Ph.D. – Physics-Biophysics
Graduate Degree Institution: University of Bucharest, Romania
Undergraduate Institution: University of Bucharest, Romania


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Patents for Inventions:

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Iacobas DA, Amuzescu B. (1991). Device to clean and stabilise the patch-clamp pipettes. Patent No.108844 (Romania).

Selected Book Chapters: 

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Selected Books:

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Selected Fiction:

Iacobas DA. (2000). Tucapai. (Romanian, philosophical novel on a possible quantum theory of cognition) Constanta: Tilia Press Intl. Ltd. ISBN 973-98470-9-9.

Iacobas DA. (1998) The New Tetractys. (Romanian, philosophical novel on a possible quantum refinement of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution). Constanta: Tilia Press Intl. Ltd. ISBN 973-98470-3-X.

Iacobas DA. (1998) Don't come at station tonight! Argon's diary (Romanian, thriller) Constanta: Tilia Press Intl. Ltd. ISBN 973-98470-7-2