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Field Goods Produce Delivery

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All members of the NYMC community are invited to join Field Goods, an initiative that delivers fresh produce from small, local farms right to campus all-year round. Food is delivered to the Field Goods Delivery Bins located in student housing every Tuesday between 11:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The minimum subscription price is $15, which includes weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of local fruits and vegetables. Extra subscriptions offered include local cheese, bread, pasta, butter and more. Subscriptions are easily managed and can be placed on hold, cancelled or changed at anytime through the Field Goods Website.

Field Goods buys seasonal items from more than 80 farms that practice sustainable farming. All of the produce is non-GMO and most is organic. They provide weekly tips and recipes so you can always try something new.

For more information, visit the Field Goods main website. To join, simply go to the Field Goods Order Page and search "New York Med" under “Private Locations.”


**NOTE: This service is student-led and is not sponsored by NYMC. Please note that some items do not satisfy Glatt kosher regulations. For more information, contact Field Goods directly at info@field-goods.com.