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Deadline Dates

Applications for admission and all supporting documents must be submitted to the Graduate School by the deadline dates listed below. Since offers of admission are made on a rolling basis, it is to the applicant’s advantage to submit applications and support documentation as early as possible.


Term of Initial Enrollment

Application Deadline



January 1



July 1 (U.S.)
May 1 (International)


Spring *

October 1



December 1 (U.S.)
September 15 (International)



November 1

M.S. Clinical Laboratory Sciences


May 1

Timely receipt of application materials is particularly important for international applicants because of the extra time needed to obtain an entry visa.

* Students are admitted to the Integrated Ph.D. Program ONLY in the Fall term. Ph.D. applications for the Spring term will be considered only for students entering a specific program with advanced standing – i.e., having already completed an appropriate Master's degree at New York Medical College.

** The following Master's programs will accept applications ONLY for the Fall term: Basic Medical Sciences (Accelerated) and Basic Medical Sciences (Traditional).

All accepted applicants must submit their decision via the ApplyYourself Admissions Response Form link located in the decision email within two weeks in order to secure a seat in the incoming class. For Ph.D. offers made before April 1, the applicant has until April 15 to declare his/her acceptance of the offer.