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  1. Yes, MCAT scores are a required component of your application. We accept test scores achieved within the last 3 years.

  2. No

  3. No. AMP admissions are done through Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, which is a completely separate entity from NYMC’s School of Medicine admissions office. It is not possible for this information to be transferred between offices. You must resubmit all of your application materials to the Graduate School.

  4. The minimum criteria for consideration is an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.1, including a 3.1 GPA in science and math courses, and a minimum total MCAT score ≥ the 70th percentile.

  5. Yes. When completing the recommendation section of the application, include the names of the two recommenders that we will receive letters from, but exclude their email addresses. Have Interfolio mail the hard copy to the address below or email the letters to gsbms_apply@nymc.edu.

    Office of Admission
    New York Medical College
    Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences
    Basic Sciences Building - Room A41
    Valhalla, NY 10595

    Pre-Health packets or committee letters that were previously used for medical school admissions can be used to support your AMP application.

  6. The most up-to-date tuition information can be found on our website.

  7. No.

  8. Yes.

  9. Yes. You will be working with your advisory team to determine the most appropriate time to apply. Approximately 60% of our students apply during their AMP year, while the rest choose to take a gap year after the program has ended. We inform medical schools of students' enrollment in the program in the fall, and follow-up with a recommendation letter that includes block one grades. Block two grades will also be supplied if requested.

  10. Yes. We encourage students to explore this option as well.

  11. No. Participation does not guarantee admission to NYMC’s School of Medicine nor to any other medical school.

  12. By agreement between the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences and the NYMC School of Medicine (SOM), students currently enrolled in the Accelerated Master’s Program, or those who have completed the program, and who seek admission to the NYMC School of Medicine (SOM) will be guaranteed an interview if they meet certain academic performance benchmarks.

  13. Students matriculating into NYMC’s School of Medicine directly following the completion of the didactic portion of the AMP may or may not be required to re-take a number of the first year classes, depending on their academic achievements in the AMP program.

  14. More than 85% of our students have been admitted to medical schools across the country.

  15. Students with this Master’s degree may apply to other professional programs, a PhD degree program, or pursue a career in the health care industry.

  16. Many of our students use this gap year to work while studying for the MCAT exam. Students re-taking the MCAT after completing the didactic portion of the AMP have performed significantly better, allowing them to leverage these scores to gain them entrance to medical school. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue other professional programs.

  17. No. Pre-dental students follow a separate curriculum than medical students.

  18. An advisory team is assigned to each student and works with you from the moment you are accepted into the program. Advising takes on many forms, including personal statement critiques, interviewing tips, letter writing, as well as academic support and career planning.