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Mobile Dental Van Serves Disabled in Westchester

October 25, 2017
  The Valhalla-based organization provides an array of social and medical services for the disabled. Since 2005, WIHD has operated a fully-equipped and staffed dental van that visits 15 different Hudson Valley agencies caring for intellectually disabled children and adults. The 35-foot Winnebego serves 40 to 50 patients a week, providing everything from teeth cleaning to X-rays to cavity filling to extractions. "It's a service that saves these agencies the time, manpower and expense of taking their residents to a dentist's office," said Dr. Patricia Seagriff, director of dental services for WIHD. "The van is equipped with everything we need to provide full dental services."

NYMC Mentions: 
Patricia Seagriff-Curtin, D.D.S., assistant professor of clinical dental medicine and assistant professor of clinical public health
Susan W. Fox, Ph.D., associate professor of health policy and management and director of the Center on Disability and Health
Source: The Journal News