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Security expert: ‘It’s becoming nearly impossible to secure large outdoor venues’

October 02, 2017
  WMC Emergency Medicine Doctor John Berkowitz says the Emergency Operations Center controls the flow of patients and supplies as an emergency unfolds. "Where patients are going, moving, changing around units, how supplies are being distributed, communications with outside agencies like police, and fire news organizations, really everything,” says Emergency Medicine Dr. John Berkowitz about the way. The hospital conducts frequent practice drill to prepare for a code triage, where hundreds of victims would be transported to the hospital. "It's a great responsibility for us that we take very seriously," says Emergency Management and Safety Assistant Director Garrett Doering. "We know that the most seriously injured adults and pediatric patients are coming to us.”

NYMC Faculty:
 Garrett T. Doering, M.S., CEM, MEP, CHSP, adjunct assistant professor of health policy and management and Jonathan Berkowitz,  M.D., assistant professor of emergency medicine
NYMC Affiliate: Westchester Medical Center

Source: Fios1 News