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The International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology (IATP) was established in 1999. The purpose of IATP is to recognize and accredit highly accomplished toxicologic pathologists from all regions of the globe, who provide scientific leadership and innovation in toxicologic pathology for the benefit to society and their profession. Fellows of the IATP are selected from highly competent, broadly experienced pathologists, whose contributions have significantly enhanced the world’s knowledge of toxicology and the application of that knowledge to enhanced public safety. The peer-review process, a venerable procedure available to scientists to evaluate professional colleagues, is used to accredit these renowned scientists.

The founding Board of Directors consisted of Dr. Leander Tryphonas as Chairman, Dr. Michael Iatropoulos as Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Jerry Frantz as North American Representative, Dr. Chirukandath Gopinath, as European Representative, and Dr. Nobuyuki Ito, as Japanese Representative. The current Board of Directors consists of Reid Patterson, D.V.M., Ph.D., Chairman; Michael Iatropoulos, M.D., Ph.D., Secretary/Treasurer; Jerry Hardisty, D.V.M., North American Representative; Peter F. Wadsworth, DVM,, Ph.D., European Representative; and Shoji Fukushima, M.D., Ph.D., Japanese Representative.

The IATP will base its accreditation on formal training in pathology, demonstrated achievement, proven ability, continuing practice, and experience. Those designated a "Fellow" of IATP are judged to be scientists who have achieved expert status in the practice of toxicologic pathology. A Fellow is an individual involved in the description and interpretation of the processes of pathology as they pertain to changes elicited by chemical, biological or physical agents in nonclinical laboratory safety assessment studies. Data from these studies contribute to the assessment of risk to public health from exposure to these agents.

To be eligible for accreditation, toxicologic pathologists must have the knowledge, experience, and understanding to engage in (1) research resulting in characterization of the pathogenesis involved in toxicologic responses; (2) the interpretation of data describing toxic effects in experimental test systems or humans from exposure to toxic agents; (3) the evaluation of the hazards of these agents to humans and the environment; and (4) the application of toxicologic data for the improvement of health and the environment.

Candidates for accreditation must have broad knowledge of toxicologic pathology and demonstrate substantive involvement in toxicologic pathology activities. These activities include experimental design, collection, analyses, evaluation, interpretation and/or review of data. Accreditation is a rigorous process that will culminate in recognition by peers that adequate mastery of the profession has been met.

The criteria for accreditation in toxicologic pathology as Fellow by the IATP arise from the professional’s (1) Education and Training, (2) Professional Experience, and (3) Demonstration of Scientific Judgment and Recognition. Components comprising each criterion for accreditation have been assigned point values. Procedures have been established to ensure appropriate distribution of points within and among the criteria. For example, each component has a maximum allowable value, as does each criterion. There are 100 allowable points; 67 are required for accreditation. Details for the points assigned to each criterion will be available with the applications.

The IATP has an independent Accreditation Committee consisting of nine members—three from Europe, Asia, and North America. The mission of this committee is to review applications and credentials submitted by candidates to determine their eligibility for accreditation. Any recommendation for accreditation is forwarded by the committee to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Quality of professional activities is evaluated for each applicant, but accreditation is rarely awarded to applicants with fewer than 5 years of experience.

The I.A.T.P. may bestow upon select toxicologic pathologists with uniquely distinguished careers the title of Honorary Fellow of the I.A.T.P., without formal application or fees. These Fellows must be approved by the Accreditation Committee and the Board of Directors. Honorary Fellows shall have all the rights of other Fellows, but cannot hold office. They remain Honorary Fellows throughout life, without fee, as long as they remain in good standing in the profession.

Application fees for accreditation are
US $200 for industry and
US $150 for academia and government employees.
Annual dues are US $100.

Applications can be requested from:

Michael J. Iatropoulos, M.D., Ph.D.,
Secretary/Treasurer of the Board
International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology
New York Medical College
Department of Pathology
Basic Science Building
Valhalla, N.Y. 10595

Tel. 914-594-3106
Fax: 914-594-4163
Completed applications should be submitted to the same IATP address throughout the year.
Applications should be in English.

Informational Brochure Updated September, 2003

Basic Sciences Building
Valhalla, New York 10595