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Assistance with CITI Registration Process

The CITI course can be accessed at: www.CITIprogram.org

Once at the site:

  • Click on “New Users Register Here
  • At the next page, #1 – choose “New York Medical College” at the drop down menu
  • Provide the required information, following the directions toselect your username and password and click “Submit”
  • Complete the Member Information Page and click “Submit
  • Under “Select Curriculum” Question 1 select “All Research Personnel – Basic or Social & Behavioral Research Personnel - Basic”
  • The next page will show your gradebook for the group you have chosen. Click “Go Back to Learner’s Main Menu
  • On the next page, under “My Courses.” Click Enter
  • You may now begin the course. All modules must be completed and passed with a score of 85% or better. It is possible to re-take any module’s test as many times as necessary to achieve a better score.

Upon successful completion you will be able to print a completion report for your records and to submit to the Office of Research Administration.

It is not necessary to complete the program in one sitting. You can leave the program and return later by re-entering your username and password.