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S.L.P. Clinical Sites

  SLP Clinical Sites
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From the first semester of your first year in our Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology, you will experience what we mean when we say that our program is “medically-oriented.” 

  • In our in-house, onsite speech clinic, you will observe and interact with patients who are medically compromised. 
  • We partner with the Westchester Institute for Human Development, the Behavioral Health Inpatient Center of Westchester Medical Center and its main hospital to provide screenings and therapy for patients from a wide variety of backgrounds, with an enormous diversity of health and wellness issues.
  • Additional partnerships with New York Methodist Hospital and Saint Joseph’s Hospital, and relationships with other hospitals in the Tri-State area, enable us to guarantee that at least one of your externships will be in a medical setting.

Our faculty is committed to preparing you to engage fully in these clinical experiences. 

  • Clinical Boot Camp, which takes place in your first weeks at NYMC, uses SimuCase technology to familiarize you with the procedures of physical exams and history. 
  • Role playing with faculty and colleagues will help you learn what to ask – and how to understand the answers you receive.
  • Videotape facilities available in our Clinical Skills Lab will allow you to see yourself in action – and get feedback from colleagues and faculty to improve your clinical performance.
  • Once-a-month Clinical Check In with Kathleen Kaiser, the department’s Clinical Coordinator, provides an opportunity to meet with your fellow students to talk over difficult cases, explore clinical strategies and celebrate your successes.

In addition to medically-oriented clinical experiences, all of our students graduate well prepared for certification in NY State public schools. 

  • One of your externships will take place in a local school, where you will work with students – and their parents and teachers. 
  • Your coursework will ensure that you are ready to take and pass the examinations necessary to work in this setting, if you choose to do so.

All of this hard work pays off.  Since 2012, our students have earned an 100% pass rate on the Praxis exam, required for licensure as a speech-language pathologist.  And, because they are so well trained, our students are in demand by employers across the field.‌‌