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Message from the Department Chair


Kate Franklin

Beyond words . . .

That is our philosophy. Going beyond words means you’ll learn the broader context of health, disease, and disability in addition to the requisite clinical skills.

Why? Because we are one of the very few speech-language pathology programs located in a medical setting.

We are also one of a few programs with a strong focus on public health. That’s how our students develop an appreciation for their role in ensuring the communicative health of the population.

They consider population- and client- based approaches to professional practice, including the prevention of speech, language, and hearing disorders and the assessment of treatment efficacy.

Of course, we prepare you well for licensure and entry into the profession. Our graduates consistently score well above the national average on the Praxis examination for Speech-Language Pathology.

More importantly, when you complete this program, you will find professional opportunities beyond words.

Read about the academic and clinical experiences, read what makes us special, and enjoy the pictures of our annual pre-graduation kayak trip.

Send me an email at slp_shsp@nymc.edu if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kate Franklin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Department Chair