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Victoria Ard - Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Public Health

  Victoria Ard

"I participated in gymnastics, ballet, and cheerleading my entire life. My senior year of high school I sustained a stress fracture to my spine and was required to go to Physical Therapy for a number of months. I fell in love with the profession of physical therapy while I was going through the rehab process myself and decided that it was what I wanted as my career. I love that New York Medical College offers a dual degree program which has given me the opportunity to receive my Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) and my Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree at the same time. An MPH degree will help me become a manager of a Physical Therapy practice or open my own clinic one day. The dual program is very convenient for me and allows me to take one public health class per semester in addition to my physical therapy classes. So far my public health coursework has opened up my eyes to the world of healthcare outside of just PT and will help guide me to become a well-rounded physical therapist."

Victoria Ard is receiving both her Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Public Health from New York Medical College. She will graduate from the D.P.T. program in May 2017 and the M.P.H. program in May 2018. Although Victoria is very busy with her coursework, she makes time to work as an Athletic Trainer for High Schools and Youth Sports in Connecticut.