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About the Director

Kristina H. Petersen has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Cardiff University in the UK. During her first year at NYMC she created and implemented an academic support program, and won a 2015 NYMC SOM Student Senate Award for enhancement of student life. Since arriving at NYMC, she has presented her research on learning styles of medical students at an AAMC Conference, and will present again in April of 2016. Dr. Petersen has taught various undergraduate courses at NYU and Columbia, and won teaching awards for her work in the classroom. She enjoys working with students to improve their study skills, create strategies for synthesizing large amounts of dense science material in short periods of time, and help them manage their time more effectively. Dr. Petersen has given many lectures and workshops on transitioning from undergraduate to medical school curriculum, Step 1 preparation, transitioning from basic science curriculum to clinical rotations, Shelf & Step 2 preparation, and has been invited to speak at several events including: the SNMA Northeast Regional Conference 2013, Mentors in Medicine Conferences & workshops, and faculty development seminars at various medical schools.

Kristina H. Petersen, Ph.D.
Director, Academic Support Programs