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The Gray Crump House

The Gray Crump House
Walter Gray Crump, M.D. (1869-1945)
Advisory Dean: Maria Capparelli, M.D. '07
House Color - White

An 1895 graduate, Walter Gray Crump went on to become a civil rights champion. After graduation Crump continued to work for the college as a professor of surgery eventually achieving emeritus status.

He established the first scholarship for African American medical students at a White majority medical school in the United States at New York Homeopathic Medical College in 1928. He was also a trustee at Howard University and Tuskegee Institute, a college that was first founded to educate African American clergymen and then expanded into a university of liberal arts and medicine. Although Crump's obituary in the Chironian says he "helped to found the New York Medical College for Women" this college was founded in 1863, six years before Crump was born. It also reports he was “a member of staff until it closed in 1919.” So, while he had an affiliation with the College for Women, its nature remains unclear.