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The Lozier House

The Lozier House
Clemence Sophia Lozier, M.D. (1813-1918)
Advisory Dean: Joseph Giamelli, M.D. '02
House Color - Orange

The founding of the New York Medical College for Women was entirely the result of the indefatigable and earnest efforts of Dr. Lozier. She came from a family of physicians and was determined that sex should not pre-vent women from seeking a medical education and degree.

New York Medical College and Hospital for Women was incorporated by a special act of the legislature, under the University of the State of New York, April 14, 1863.

The charter of this institution is still valid. Before this college was opened for women students, there was no place in New York City where a woman could study medicine.

During the next years, twenty-five in all, when Dr. Lozier was President and Dean, she saw the College and Hospital rise from its small beginning of seven students to a list of two hundred and nine-teen graduate medical women. She had a high standing in her profession and was often called in consultation by the leading physicians of her day.