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The Steward House

The Steward House
Susan Smith McKinney Steward, M.D., Class of 1870 (1847-1918)
Advisory Dean: Roger Chirurgi, M.D.
House Color - Black

When she graduated valedictorian from New York Medical College for Women, Susan Smith was the third African-American woman to ever earn a medical degree, and the first in New York State.

After graduation, Dr. Smith (her later husbands were McKinney and Steward and she assumed their names) practiced in Brooklyn and Manhattan and was the founder of The Women's Hospital and Dispensary. Dr. McKinney Steward was a member of the Kings County and New York State.

Homeopathic Medical Societies and served as an official physician for The Brooklyn Home for Aged Colored People, one of the early institutions in the community of Weeksville where she was born.

Junior High School 265 in her home borough of Brooklyn was dedicated as Dr. Susan S. McKinney School in 1974.